Parents which personality would you like your kids to have? A or B?

Person A, is very strong minded. He/She is full of perseverance and will when he starts something. He/She likes to think whether things are right or wrong before doing anything, and if he/she feels it is wrong, Person A will rebel. Person A, is rebellious and defies authorities if he/she feels authority has done something wrong. But don't get me wrong, as Person A is obedient when he/she feels authority is correct. Note that Person A's judgement may vary as he/she matures.

Person A also thinks civil disobedience is the right of the people when authority is doing something wrong, and prefers anarchy over a police state.

Person B, meanwhile, listens to authority. When authority tells him/her to do something, he/she will do what is ordered without thinking. Person B preaches on morals and respect of higher authority, and him/her feels that himself/herself does not need to be respected.

Person B thinks that people should respect authority no matter what, and no opposition should form as the government is in charge. He/she also thinks that police state is also necessary to have order.

I am 13. The reason I ask this is that in Hong Kong ( Where I live ), there's a gigantic political storm over education. The government wants to introduce national education, which teaches national pride and China's achievements. The contents of the education material is biased ( I myself read the whole 200-page curriculum ), and contents include saying that multi-party governments like the US will suffer.

I am against this education. I deem it brainwashing. This is an attempt by the communists to indoctrinate their corrupt propaganda to my generation. It harms the kid's critical thinking. The government wants to stuff in information to 6 year olds such as the recent space docking by China. But the curriculum does not include information such as the June 4 crackdown.

Not only me, but it is a gigantic political storm. The teenage group Scholarism, with a 15-year-old leader is now occupying government headquarters. They go to school, then go back to a tent outside government offices. A few college students and teachers are even going on a hunger strike ( It's their 69th hour right now and one was sent to hospital). Seriously, if the government doesn't listen to us, basically where I live is going to descend into anarchy.

And I'm in a sour relationship with my parents right now, as their political views differ to mine. They're communists. They say the brain needs washing such as clothes need washing too.

So parents, which personality would you like your kids to have? Also, what's your opinion about the thing going on where I live, and should I listen to my parents?

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    8 years ago
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    I agree with you

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    You're setting up a false dichotomy based on a simplistic view of the world. You act like A & B are the only options, when in reality the options and variations are endless. Not to mention the way you describe B makes it highly unlikely that anyone will choose it.

    There's nothing wrong per se in a contemporary Chinese history class, even one with a slight bias. Almost all countries include such as course in their standard curriculum; just check out Japan's contemporary history classes.

    However, it does seem like the proposed class is going too far in distorting history and I think that at most it should be an elective course if they refuse to retool the course material.

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    4 years ago

    i don't have faith one has to make that determination. there's a time to rebel and a time to pay attention. the actual know-how is in understanding the adaptation. so a approaches as indoctrination right into a political gadget, it has got here approximately enormously lots everywhere with the aid of the globe. as quickly as lower back, some have nonetheless controlled to alter into knowledgeable whilst in those settings, being able to verify with the aid of the rhetoric or perhaps study from it. At 13, it incredibly is a talk that could desire to be held including your mothers and dads and then a direction of action could desire to be desperate.

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