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Please help! Does this Jehovah witness have a right to sue me for pain and suffering in this situation?

His name is Daniel and he has continiously kept coming to my door on Saturday mornings to "teach" me about being a Jehovah witness....well after being VERY fed-up, I answered the door in a devil costume while yelling Latin words in a Satanic his lawyer has contacted me..?

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    That's a good one. You should consult a lawyer in your jurisdiction. However, I'll try and answer.

    First, he wouldn't have a leg to stand on. If someone is knocking on your door, and you answer it wearing a diaper and babbling incoherently, that would not mean anything.

    Second, he wouldn't be able to do much about it because you're on your own property.

    Third, there's a couple of court cases that come to mind:

    Slocum v. Food Fair, 100 So.2d 396 (Fla. 1958)


    United States ex rel. Gerald Mayo v. Satan and His Staff, 54 F.R.D. 282 (W.D.Pa. 1971)

    A. Slocum: The plaintiff sought money damages for mental suffering or emotional distress, and an ensuing heart attack plus aggravation of a pre-existing heart condition, allegedly caused by insulting language of the defendant's employee directed toward her while she was a customer in its store. The language: "If you want to know the price, you'll have to find out the best way you can * * * [b*tch] you stink to me." She asserted, in the alternative, that the language was used in a malicious or grossly reckless manner, "or with intent to inflict great mental and emotional disturbance to said plaintiff."

    Slocum was tossed. It was a no-brainer. Intentional infliction and negligent infliction require behavior that is beyond the bounds of decency in a civilized society. Answering the door in a costume isn't enough to sue over. And you have a first amendment right to be obnoxious on your own property.

    B. Satan and his Staff case: In that one, Gerald Mayo sued Satan and his staff for tormenting him and ruining his life, and bringing ruination to the world. A cute lawsuit, but as it turns out, the courts were prepared for this one. Since Satan could not be easily served with papers, and, unfortunately, he is considered the "Prince of Darkness", the "Prince of Lies" and principally reigns in hell, it would be very difficult to get personal service on him. In addition, his staff were unknown or unnamed, and it would be difficult to identify them and join them into the lawsuit, since they would be necessary and proper parties to suit, the suit could not progress as it would require indispensable parties to be present. The court disposed of that case, however noting that, well, Satan is a foreign potentate and the Constitution usually grants sovereign immunity to foreign potentates especially since, after all, there is comity.

    All of that said, I think your JW's guy's lawyer is out of line. I suggest you speak to a lawyer in your jurisdiction, and obtain some firmer advice.

    Source(s): Occasionally accused of being the Devil's Advocate, and licensed in California and a number of other jurisdictions above ground and far from hell.
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    No, you are free to do in your house as you please. There is no law against dressing up an chanting in a made up language.

    Besides, let him prove that you are not the devil!

    My friends dad did something similar involving fake blood and his false eye. Years later my friend found out when she explained where she lived to a jehova's witness they apparently all knew it as. "The devil's house!"

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    Oh well, if you think we are that stupid, then just keep lying to one is going to sue you for anything my dear. All they have to do is listen to a few words coming out of your mouth, they would excuse themselves and leave...shaking the dust off their feet.

    However, if another JW returns, you may have to come up with another lie...I'm sure you will think of one quickly..enjoy your troll night.

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    What a cock n bull story. He would not have continued if you didn't want him to unless you were attempting to have other motives. Normally if people don't want to continue we stop but evidently you didn't; convey this. I know they teach Latin in pre med but your story is really off. I'd bet on Daniel. You enticed him to return than violently turned on him.

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    No, that was just a TROLL dream you had sweetie it didn't really happen at all.

    I hope my answer has been of help to you.

    My name is SUNSHINE

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    His lawyer just wants a date.

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    U have a right to religion (even if ur not satanist) so you could counter sue for the same reason.

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    How is that painful? Or sufferable?

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    get a life instead of trolling

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