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What is the meaning of the movie Ella enchanted?

Why does Ella remember what everyone told her to do when she's about to stab char? Why was she about to kill char? Why are Hatti and Oliver and their mom so mean to Ella for? Why was chars uncle going to kill him? Why did chars uncle kill chars father? What is the true meaning of the whole movie? Any info will help!

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    Did you sleep during the whole movie?!?!

    Most of the questions you asked are obvious. Char's uncle killed the king to gain his power of the kingdom. Ella was about to kill Char because Char's uncle discovered her curse (through Hattie). Ella has flashbacks during her "almost-killing" because it her life passing by as she knows that if she kills Char nothing will ever be the same.

    As for why Hattie, Oliver and the Step-Mom hates her...

    The Step-mom and Hattie doesn't like her because they see her as an annoying and unnecessary extra to her father (step-mom's "boyfriend"). Hattie's hate strengthens by jealousy as she sees that Char falls in love with Ella. And Oliver... well... she is kind of stupid and does whatever her sister, Hattie, does.

    The true meaning of the movie is that no matter what is stopping you... your dreams can be achieved, as long as you keep believing. Oh and, do not take advantage of anyone.

    Source(s): Seen the movie 4 times.
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