Madden 12 vs. Madden 13?

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Which madden game is potentially better. Do not say Madden 13 all because the game is new!!! Give your honest opinion. Please!!!
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If you like Fantasy Drafts, ability to Edit players, Multi-team franchise mode on the same console then you'll want to stay with Madden 12.

Madden 13 does not have any of those things. However, the gameplay, depth of franchise mode, online franchises, graphics, are all way better on Madden 13. Personally, I prefer Madden 13 because the things that were taken out don't really matter that much to me and the improvements are big in my opinions.
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  • djhrules answered 2 years ago
    Madden 13 annoyed the whit out of me. I prefer 12


    Played both
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  • Seth Hornbacher answered 2 years ago
    I personally believe their is no major difference at all. except for some new players. I wouldn't waste my money on madden13 if I already had 12' or 11'. Played them all, close to no difference
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  • Nicholas answered 2 years ago
    Madden 13.

    I've played both
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