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whats the story of the Freemasons?

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  • Dubbs
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    9 years ago
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    Freemasonry is a secret society started in the late 1600's, early 1700's in Europe. There are myths on how it got startec involving stories of Egyptians, Hebrews and Knights Templar. The one I believe is the Templars. They were a group of warrior/priests during the Crusades that built their headquarters on the old Temple Mount, where King Solomon's Temple was built. This Temple in the Old Testament was built by Hiram Abiff in the Old Testament and the Freemasons consider him to be the first Freemason. One of their rituals revolves around his death. To become a member or Freemasonry you need to go through initiation rituals; but I'll get back on that in a bit.

    There were originally 9 knights in the Templar order whose job was to guard the road between Rome and Jerusalem, which is an insane distance for 9 people. What they were actually doing was excavating the Temple Mount. It's uncertain exactly what they found but one day they just stopped and had a secret meeting with the Vatican reporting their findings. Whatever it was that they found gave them instant prominence in the Holy Roman Empire. The Vatican gave them the power to build cathedrals without the approval of the Pope, and to charge those they helped get from Rome to Jerusalem with interest. The Knights Templar grew in numbers, people joined if they were wealthy land owners the land that person owned was given to the order. They became more then knights and priests but architects and bankers and a great deal of other professions. Within the 300 years of their existence they became such a huge part of the 12th and 13th Centuries. Eventually the Templars were defeated and Jerusalem was taken back by the Muslims. The king of France King Phillip IV was in debt to the Templars and found the best way to get rid of the debt was to get rid of the Templars. He managed to swindle his friend Pope Clement III into the papacy and accused the Templars of being homosexuals and devil worshipers. One of the Templar's initiation rituals was to spit on the cross; those who refused were awarded with membership due to their faith, those who did it followed the leaders into learning the true secrets of the order. The Catholic Church exterminated the Templars on October, Friday the 13th 1308.

    Some Templars managed to escape persecution and went underground. The fell in league with a group of Stone Masons and that alliance eventually led to the order of Freemasonry. Whatever secrets the Templars had they took with them and incorporated it into Freemasonry, which became a prominent secret society. Their motto: "We take a man and make him better." Admittedly the rituals do help the initiates gain a sense of self worth and vocational skills. Guys like Voltaire and` Rosseau were Freemasons and they played a big part in the French Revolution. George Washington, Thomas Paine and Benjamin Franklin were all Freemasons. Back in the 17 and 1800's Freemasonry became more of a social club. There were 3 mandatory rites an initiate had to go through to became a member; Learned Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason. From there there were 21 optional Rites, the last being the Rite of Perfection. Whatever secrets they had, if any, were gradually learned by initiates. During the Council of Wilhelmsbad several secret societies made alliances with each other. Freemasonry became involved with the Bavarian Illuminati in 1782. They had other plans to use Freemasonry to swindle their teachings out of Bavaria (Modern day Germany). The Illuminati were kicked out of Bavaria in 1785. In 1786 the Grand Constitutions of Masons added 8 more Rites, the last being the 33rd Scottish Rite.

    They also came out with lodges for women called The Order of the Eastern Star; Josephine Boneparte, Napoleon's wife was one. She was very influential in bring the obelisk out of Egypt into Paris now at the Louvre.

    Ulysses S Grant, also a Freemason was the president who brought the obelisk from Egypt to New York. Freemasons use a lot of Egyptian symbolism, which is why we have the pyramid on the back of the dollar. Many US presidents were Freemasons and belonged to various secret societies. FDR and Truman were both Freemasons, I'm not sure about the Bush's but they were part of the Skull & Bones Secret Society at Yale.

    Washington DC was designed by a French Freemason Pierre L' Enfant. If you look up the blueprints for Washington DC you's see a nearly complete 5 pointed star in the street layout. Many of the buildings are decorated with Egyptian and Greek symbolism.

    Source(s): In the early 1800's a man named William Morgan, who was a Freemason, started giving out information about the Masons calling them devil worshipers. He was kidnapped, and some would say murdered by fellow Freemasons. Since that time the number of masonic lodges has dropped. Several books have been written exposing the occult nature of Freemasonry. Most Freemasons believe it just to be a place to hang out with friends and tell stories. But there is also a belief that the Freemasons are still hiding a secret or some lost knowledge that is kept in the 33rd honorary rite that only few Masons achieve.
  • meat
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    9 years ago

    Freemasons are members of Freemasonry, which is the world's oldest fraternity and largest philanthropy.


    - They are a brotherhood, true ... but they focus on making good men better, not building with your hands.

    - Freemasonry, being a fraternity and not a religion and all, has nothing to do with any 'cult-ish' things.

    - Freemasonry doesn't have a secret handshake.

    - It's not contested whether they 'had a large impact in early America and pre-industrial Europe.' They're a FRATERNITY. Duh.

    - Freemasonry is neither a secret society nor a society with secrets. It's a fraternity.

    - Freemasonry wasn't started in the late 1600s or early 1700s. Masons have been around as long as there have been stone buildings to build. The current speculative fraternity is generally organized under the Grand Lodge of England, which was organized in 1717 - the fraternity itself, however, predates that meeting.

    Freemasons weren't 'warrior/priests' - and neither were the Knights Templar, for that matter. Freemasons were stone cutters. The Knights Templar were warrior monks; a priest is ordained to administer sacraments to people of a community while a monk dedicates their lives to the service of God, living in a community with other monks - they do NOT preside over masses, consecrate the Eucharist, nor hear confession. Honestly, they'll give a "Top Contributor" to just about ANYbody here on Y!A, won't they?

    - The Knights Templar didn't build any headquorters on the old 'Temple Mount.' They were quartered in Solomon's Stables.

    - Freemasons do not consider Hiram Abiff to be the 'first Freemason.' That's crazy talk; who built everything before he came along? Day laborers?

    - The Knights Templar were created to protects pilgrims as they traveled from the seaport town of Jappa to Jerusalem - a dangerous 50 mile road. They had NOTHING to do with 'guarding' any road from Rome.

    - There was no 'secret meeting' between the Knights Templar and the Vatican to report on anything found beneath the Temple Mount.

    - The Vatican didn't give the Knights Templar any kind of 'power' to build cathedrals.

    - The Knights Templar didn't charge anyone for protecting them while they traveled to Jerusalem.

    - "People" didn't join the Knights Templar if they were 'wealthy land owners.' The only men who could become knights of the order were those that were nobly born, and they joined for life; giving up all claims to property were delivered to the order. Other men could serve the order, but they could not become knights.

    - Pope Clement III had NOTHING to do with the Knights Templar or Philip the Fair; he lived almost 200 years BEFORE King Philip did. Damn that linear timeline!

    - The Catholic Church AT NO TIME 'exterminated' the Templars - and they certainly didn't do it in 1308. Not only that, but there was NO Friday the 13th in October 1308 - the 13th of October fell on a Sunday. Duh.

    - The Templars didn't fall 'into league' with a group of stone masons at all.

    - Freemasonry wasn't formed as any kind of 'order,' nor were stonemasons particularly different than freemasons. The MAJOR difference - and the reason freemasons were called FREEmasons was because they were skilled at their craft, and in recognition of their skills, they were FREE to travel from country to country to work on different building projects; they had the king's pass.

    - There is no 'motto' in Freemasonry - and it certainly wouldn't be "we take a man and make him better." That'd be silly. It would probably have something to do with Faith, Hope, and Charity.

    - Voltaire was a Freemason. Rosseau was not. Washington was. PAine wasn't. Franklin was. That's a 50% accurate rate from your other answerer - and he's a "top contributor."

    - It wasn't until after 1717 that the future of Freemasonry was cemented as a social, or speculative, fraternity.

    - There's no rite that an initiate has to go through. In fact, one is only an initiate until they participate in the 1st Degree ritual.

    - There's no 'Learned Apprentice' in Freemasonry. The degrees are: Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Mason.

    - There aren't ANY other degrees in Freemasonry. Just the three. There aren't any optional 'rites.' There aren't 21 of anything.

    - There's no 'Rite of Perfection' in Freemasonry.

    - There has never been any "Council of Wilhelmsbad," and - obviously - no imaginary 'secret societies' made any 'alliances' there.

    - Freemasonry never became 'involved' with the Illuminati. The Illuminati were a Bavarian political action group that advocated the overthrow of European monarchies. They were disbanded 227 years ago.

    - It's unlikely that Josephine Boneparte joined the Eastern Star; Josephine died in 1814 ... The Eastern Star didn't exist until 1850. Damn that linear timeline! It'll screw up a good conspiracy theory EVERY time!

    Source(s): - Freemasonry doesn't use any Egyptian symbolism. - 14 Presidents were Freemasons. There have been 44 Presidents. That means that very few - not 'many' - have been Freemasons. - Neither Bush was a Freemason. - Washington, DC wasn't designed by Pierre L'Enfant. - There's no blueprint for Wshington, DC. - There is no five-pointed star in the street layout of Washington, DC. - There are hundreds of buildings in Washington, a few are decorated with Egyptian or Greek symbolism. - There is no record of William Morgan ever being a Freemason. The Morgan Affair is quite well known, but it had nothing to do with giving out information or calling them devil worshipers; it had everything to do with him writing a book about Freemasonry. - There is NO '33rd honorary rite' in Freemasonry. There are only 3 degrees. Period. I'm a Freemason.
  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    a freemason is a member of the loose and conventional Masons, a international fraternal and charitable employer with secret rites and signs and indications. A member of a guild of experienced itinerant masons for the period of the middle a protracted time. Freemasonry is a fraternal company that arose from imprecise origins in the previous due sixteenth to early seventeenth century. Freemasonry now exists in countless varieties around the globe, with a club anticipated at around 5 million, with around 480,000 in England, Scotland and eire by myself, and merely decrease than 2 million in the united states.[a million][2] the countless varieties all share ethical and metaphysical ideals, which incorporate, in maximum situations, a constitutional assertion of concept in a splendid Being.[3]

  • 9 years ago

    The exact origins of Freemasonry are lost to time. What is largely believed is that Freemasonry originated in Europe with the operative stone masons of the middle ages. Since some trades were regulated by the authorities early on to regulate pay and quality, anyone who was trained as a skilled stone mason was highly sought out.

    After the plague ravished Europe, skilled labor of this kind was even harder to find. In the centuries that came after, the stone masons formed guilds or labor unions if you will. The were chartered by the monarchy and held assemblies for their members.

    Most construction projects built in stone took well over 50-75 years to complete, like Notra Dame and many of the large castles and cathedrals. The masons who built them build small structures near or next to these projects called Lodges, where they kept their tools and shared meals.

    They also were regulated in later centuries on how to accept and train apprentices, leading to journeymen or Fellows of the Craft. each project has one Master Mason who was the chief builder and master of the work.

    The term Freemasons is thought to have originated in the latter period. Some believe it come from the term of the best mason who was entrusted to carve the intricate patterns and figures into the soft stone or "free-stone". Some believe the term comes from the fact that in a period when few could leave their own land much less their countries boarders, masons were in such high demand, that they were allowed to cross boarders freely, there for they were referred to as Freemasons.

    As cathedral and castle building wained in the beginning of the Renaissance, the traditions and rituals of the stone masons were being lost. They decided to begin to 'accept' gentlemen Masons as 'speculative' Masons. These men were men of science and learning of their day and saw in the ritual of Freemasonry a way to preserve the moral code.

    By the time of the announcement of the Premier Grand Lodge of London in 1717, most Lodges in the area were entirely speculative in nature. It should be noted that most of the members of the Royal Society were also Freemasons of the period.

    So Freemasons today keep the rituals and traditions of their operative brothers alive. They teach serious and universal truths via allegory and ritual.

    The one and only stated goal has always been to take good men and make them better men, husbands, fathers neighbors and citizens.

    The history is fascinating and sometimes disputed but definitely too complicated to truly expound upon in Y!A. I would suggest some books as a great way to learn.

    Freemasonry for Dummies by Chris Hodapp or American Freemasons by Mark Tabbert are two that come to mind.

    Source(s): I am a Freemason
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  • Philip
    Lv 5
    9 years ago

    They are a brotherhood that focuses on building with your hands and connection to God (whether that be Christian or otherwise they were not solely a Christian organisation). It has some cult-ish things about it, generally very secret, even have a secret handshake. It is contested whether or not they had a large impact in early America and pre-industrial Europe but may never have actually been that prominent.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    My uncle is a freemason who also worked on wall street. He is the biggest piece of you know what. Even I don't know their secrets.

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