Can push buttons be used in simple circuits instead of switches?

i want to make something similar to a door bell. the circuit i want to build containing a "buzzer, battery and instead of a switch i want to use a push button". if it is possible to build such a circuit should i connect something to the push button or connect it directly to battery & buzzer.


i meant should i connect the circuit as in the link but by replacing the switch with a push button

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  • Rich Z
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    7 years ago
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    The momentary contact of a push button will give you good results in a simple circuit.

    However if you are going through a microprocessor or something like that with a quick response a simple push button won't be good enough.When the contacts on the push button close they bounce on and off for a fraction of a second. If the connection is to a fast device it will see those on-offs as a bunch of separate commands. So if you were, for instance, counting how many times a button was pushed to see how many people asked to be let in through a closed door that would be the wrong answer.(maybe a dozen counts for one push of the button would look like a dozen people wanted to come in).

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  • 7 years ago

    Push buttons perform the same function as a switch. The circuit, obviously, functions only as long as the button is depressed.

    "connect it directly to battery & buzzer" connect what? seems like it would be on all the time if you did this.

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  • 7 years ago

    Simply replace the switch with a push button switch. Apart from wireless doorbells, wired doorbells (battery, buzzer, switch) have a simple push button switch

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