How much do CNA's make in home care in CA? I live in WI. state of cheap. See below>.?

They only pay CNA's 10-12.00 13.00 IF you can find one an hour. I prefer home care.

I am going to be getting a job to be trained to do Home Health Care locally in my town. I know each state is broadly different in pay ranges.

(Also) is it a hard process to transfer licensing from one state to the other if I were to move? Can a person afford to live on CNA pay in Southern CA? San Diego Or Santa Monica area. Thanks

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  • 9 years ago
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    Not sure about the transferring and all that but in an Assisted living where I worked they paid $9. My daughter works in a hospital and they start at $10. I've never heard of anyone making $12-13 an hour. We are in Ohio.

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