Someone help me name all the types of Integras there are?

I am 17 and I am getting a car when I get it, Plan on getting an Acura Integra. Now I don't know **** about cars but I know there are different models ! Like : Integra GS-R, Type-R LS, SE, GS, RS .. I know that the GSR only comes in stick. Someone told me things like DC4 DC2 DB7 DB8 I don't what those are and what they stand for, and those model I listed does anyone know if there are more and if so name them? Can you also tell me the difference between them all ? lol

Just trying to know about this car before I purchase it !

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  • 7 years ago
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    yes you have top of the line acura integra

    Type R one of the rarest integra hard to find and expensive to buy comes with a 200hp engine

    whole interior is awesome just google no sunroof though 5spd only

    GSR has 170hp engine and nice interior 5spd only

    LS GS RS have same motor 140hp interior some cars have nice interiors while others are crappy looking

    GSR and LS GS RS have same price range so its better to buy a GSR

    94-97 models have different front and rear bumpers

    98-01 models have better looking front and rear bumpers

    dc2 is 94-01 integra 2drs

    db8 are 4 drs

    dc4 are new generation of integra which is now the Acura RSX

    your best bet is either a gsr or the base models for a start up until you learn more about them then upgrade

  • nguyn
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    3 years ago

    Honda fit is your fine guess. It's great on gas, squarish, and a excellent vehicle to off on. It is a 4 door, but when it is a 2 door Honda you're looking for, examine out a Civic Coupe. Excellent success. P.S.- persist with Honda automobiles; they are relaible, lengthy lasting, and low-priced to keep!

  • 7 years ago

    i had a integra ls with a b18 im about where you are on the subject but ive always been told thats the best motor honda(acura) makes

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