About how popular is anime in the United states of america and japan?

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    9 years ago
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    First off Japan. So that you know there are three types of people interested in anime in Japan, I'll list them below.

    1. Otaku, these are the type of people that are obsessed with all ecchi and moe anime and would buy heaps of merchandise, BDs and Albums. Or any other embarrassing **** you can think of, dakimakura, figures, etc.

    2. General fans, these are your average fans, they enjoy these as a hobby, nothing more, nothing less.

    3. The third category is difficult to find a name for, but these are the type that are only interested in old school mainstream anime, such as Gundam, Evangelion, One Piece, Detective Conan, Sazae-san, Crayon Shin-chan, Chibi Maruko-san and Doraemon.

    In US

    1. Otaku (see above)

    2. General anime fans (see above)

    3. People that don't care about anime, but they like stuff that are well marketed because of their lack of knowledge, they like stuff they saw on TV like Naruto or Pokemon etc. In general they don't really know what anime are.

    In terms of popularity manga in Japan is many times more popular than anime, wheres in the US its the complete opposite.

    In Japan anime is still really popular though, there will be anime style ads in a lot of places and such, and they have countless shops dedicated to anime, while in US you'll be lucky to find one or two merchandise shops in your entire life.

    Rating wise in Japan the most popular anime currently are

    1. Sazae-san

    2. Chibi Maruko-san

    3. Doraemon

    4. Crayon Shin-chan

    5. Detective Conan

    6. One Piece

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    i'm no professional, yet I heard Kimba the White Lion and Astroboy were the budding toons way in the course of the sea. they are large cartoonish eyes were depending loosely on Fliescher's Betty Boop and proper characters. Why's it so in many situations happening? i do not recognize. because anime is fairly... cost effectively made so there are alot of them and much to flow round?

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I'm 3 but I find Eva as otaku. I've never seen that.

    moe anime things are disgusting

    Source(s): Japanese who don't watch anime very much
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