NRHH: Audio Recording Deadline for RHH Cypher?

Aiigght y'all, I'm extending the due date to Sept. 6th this Thursday. STILL

waiting for someone to fill in for the Production and Uploading Task/Job

so we can get squared away. I will be contacting everyone via email or

and forumotion. Again all audio verses must be completed by Thursday

September 6th. I was thinking 14 bars at minimum, Idk should we set a

limit for each verse? If you haven't signed up yet, you can join by starring

this q. The listings below are as follows:


E Syde Splint


MΣŦħØÐ 305

MCXD *All Caps*


Make My Funk The P-Funk



Ed Wuncler

S. Mental




Production and Uploading:

Beat/Intrumental Manager:

Make My Funk The P-Funk


@ØLαstWяites: The Production and Uploading task requires making

the video for the Cypher. Condensing together the audio verses into

one single video. etc etc. You'll need a program similar to Microsoft

Windows Movie Maker to do so, but if your up to the task, you can

take it if you want.

Update 2:

@MCXD *All Caps*: Nah man, I just shot an email to Make My Funk

the P-Funk over what instrumental should be used for the event. He

showed me some beats to choose from that he created over YouTube

and I just sent him a msg about which one we should use. And I'm pretty

sure everyone's working on their verse, this msg is just a reinforcer.

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  • 7 years ago
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    wat. how's there gonna be a due date but no beat! i had my lyrics ready waitin on the instrumental.

    and i better not be the only person recordin...

    o cool iight.

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  • 7 years ago

    What Exactly Do You Have To Do In production and uploading, does that mean you have to make beats and upload to use?

    Edit - I'll Love To, But I Don't Know How To Do That Sh*t I Ain't No Computer Freak, But I'll Cheer You Guys On Though, Sorry Bro!

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  • 7 years ago


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