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What is the shimmery "water" like substance that floats in the air in my office at work?

When I am sitting at my cubicle at work I can see a shimmery "water" like substance floating in the air across the room. It is very similar to the water mirage that you see on hot roads in the summer time. But this is something I see everyday whether it is hot or cold in the office.

Two others at the job have pointed this out in the past couple of years but others say they don't see it.

I am concerned because I hope it is not some type of gas or chemical that could one day have a terrible effect on our health and safety.

I hope someone can give me an idea of what this could be.

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    There is some type of reflective surface which is bouncing this in the air. It seems to float because something is moving between the surface and the air at those times, or the light which hits upon it is changing intensity.

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