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Vegan school lunch ideas?

I'm a sophmore in high school and I became vegan this summer.

The school doesn't offer any vegan options. Literally. I'm just wondering if anyone knew of any vegan lunch box ideas or knew of any great vegan recipe sites?


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    I also became a vegan over the summer! I'm a junior.

    Beans are good cold you can put different spices on them and they taste really good and have a ton of protein. Quinoa is really good too. You can mix that with beans. I love black beans and chickpeas with quinoa. Many Indian recipies can be made vegan. Try this one... Veggies are always good. You can put together a wrap with hummus, cucumbers, carrots, beans, and spinich. It is really good! Also, there are some sprouted tortilla shells that you can fill with peanut butter and a jam or jelly. Leftover soups are always yummy too! My mom and I make cauliflower soup, lentil soup, and tagine. Tagine is a North African stew. You can put all different veggies and beans in and it tastes awesome. You could use the soups as left overs for lunch. The website that I mentioned with the chana masala is good for ideas. I hope I helped! I'm happy to hear of another high school vegan! Stick with it!!

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    I usually have lots of different stuff, I like to mix it up everyday but here's some typical lunches of mine :)

    Green salads

    Fruit salads



    Pb&J sandwich

    Nature valley granola bars




    Crackers (saltines, ritz,)

    Oh, and Astn, you should probably educate yourself on the subject before trying to lecture people. People don't go vegetarian or vegan because "veggies are important and we should eat more". Most of the time it's for animal rights. I went vegan because the way we treat animals is cruel. They are raised in horrible environments, killed in inhumane ways, and given hormones that cause their bones to break because their bodies are growing too fast for them. So, thank you for letting me rant, because you really should learn about it.

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    I just scanned this real quick, but the food looks good (:

    you can pack a salad.. and for dressing do lemon juice.

    at shaws they sell lemon juice in a bottle. its great for digestion which is a plus!

    and it taste good, less calories then regular dressing. and its totally vegan.

    i hope i helped!

    best of luck!

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    Please don't take any offense to me saying this, nut there is NO reason at all for someone to refuse to eat meat. I know, I know: veggies are great for you. But to completely cut yourself off from EVERYTHING having to do with animals is pretty extreme (not to mention completely unnecessary). Life is short, so enjoy it (instead of desperately trying to adhere to a pointless routine such as vegan-ism).

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    You never heard pf peanut butter?

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    Carrot sticks or grapes :)

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