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Triple lobe piercing questions?

First off, I am 13. I have gotten my mom's permission to do this and she will talk to my dad about it. I would like a triple lobe piercing done because I would like diamond silver stud earrings lined up from big to small and it will look really cool and pretty.

So now onto the question. First, can you get them done at the same time? Or would that be painful? Like I have the first piercing done, all I need is two more so can I get two more on each ear at the same time? Or would that be too painful? Second, I got a medium sized pair of sterling silver diamond earrings. Could I wear these as starter earrings? Or do I need to wear 14 karat gold as starter earrings?

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    Usually people who have multiple lobe piercings get it done over time. i doubt any place in their right mind would do that. i got a first hole done in june 2008,then that december went back for my 2nd. if you got it done all at once it would not heal properly, that's asking for an infection. you are poking holes though your body. you would get that done maybe now, and then again around christmas, and then maybe in the spring for the 3rd, if you get it done at that rate. for starter earrings you have to wear the studs they put in. you can't bring your own. you have to wear the studs for 6 weeks. talk to your mom about it.

    and no they should not do two at once. trust me when you push it like that you'll regret it because it can easily get infected. and you don't have to wear

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    I had the equal situation. Almost three months in the past I obtained 2 extra lobe piercings (apart from the first one) and it's so much less complicated to only do them at once so you do not need to go by means of the piercing and cure approach once more, just do it without delay so that you could be done with it.(: excellent good fortune!!

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