Chivistas i know its a bit early?

would you like in the club next season? i feel that we lack a experience central back because i honestly don't like Reynoso and i believe Magallon should have never left. We need another central midfielder and forward a goleador. Im going to have confidence in Van't Ship but honestly i would like Guero Real back to coach the team but thats if Vergara wants to.I remember before Vergara wanted Chelis to coach Chivas but Cruyff suggested Van Ship as a better decision. In my opinion i think the ideal coaches to bring Chivas up is Turco Mohamed and believe it or not Profe Cruz can be a ideal coach as well just because he isn't doing good in Jaguares doesnt make him a bad coach he has had bad luck in that team but recent success in Atlante says it all.

What do you think Chivistas?


@Tony Carlos De Los Cobos never he can't even handle Queretaro. Profe Cruz is ready for a big club like Chivas and hes mexican. Offensive and Organize is his style.

@Fabian Montes would be good! and also Pena as well! Leon has some interesting players Chivas should look at! What do you think of Mier i like him more than Lopez? i think theres a chance to pick him up or another chance to Aaron Galindo and especially Guti Estrada would be perfect. Viniegra is an interesting player as well for the midfield

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    van't ship has a hard time communicating with the players on account of language differences. getting rid of el guero real last year was completely out of the blue and to this day i dont understand why it happened, after his release chivas went downhill.

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    Van't Ship should stay, but Chivas needs to buy better players..

    He has a good concept and wants to make Chivas into a Barça- esque team that dominates possession aggressively. The problem is that the team needs time to adjust and Vergara needs to either buy players or wait for the right ones to come through the Youth System, but that could take a lot longer. The current players they have aren't all good for the system Cruyff and Van't Ship have in mind.

    The system could work though. If they get it right, you can expect a much more consistent and deadlier Chivas than ever before.

    If Vergara wasnt so cheap, they should have bought Guti, Leobardo or Mier, Herrera and like Nestor Calderon or something. They should buy Candido Ramirez that dudes good

  • HD7
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    7 years ago

    A mi no me hacen menso. Vergara can try to cover up things all he wants, I have straight hard facts that the brand Chivas will gross atleast 27 mdd profit this year.

    Vergara is stalling out on spending. Cruyff has manipulated him into turning Chivas into Ajax. NOT BARCA. Despite what media say, its happening. Vergara is set to make profit above 50 mdd off Chivas for the next 3 years atleast.

    If this financial sucess is credited to the Ajax-Chivas, watch out. They might never regain their identity ever again.

    Like Ajax, Chivas will hold their players hostage, untill they get a big offer. Potentially ruining their careers in the process. That strategy motivates excellence and those types of players are too few and far apart.

    Ive mentioned that Cruyff had no buisness in chivas before his arrival. I also mentioned that this season was another one for the bin, right after the last one ended.

    I also gave a complete assesment 6 months ago who should be brought in, who should leave.

    Of that list they got rid of a majority of players i listed ,but the big fish are still there like Reynoso and Michel.

    Chivas played awful since Chicharo has left. Every manager since then has failed. Real,Arias,Ambriz,Ramirez,Vant Skip. Real would not be a good choice. He is too attached to his players to incorporate new ones.

    The 4-3-3 doesnt suit the players right now. I'm sure a mediocre like RML can take the weight of being the sole strike.

    I mentioned Turco, Benja Gailindo and Danny Guzman for the manager role months ago too.

    They need to establish a back 4 system.

    Get rid of Reynoso, Michel, Araujo, Baez, Esparza, Nava,. or bench them. Most wasted is Araujo, he should be converted to a CB. He has no buisness being past the half line.

    Bring in 2 proper wing backs Jimenez, Navarro, Estrada, Nilo, Paganoni.

    Bring back Maza. Pay the man what he wants.

    A mixed mid. for me it was either Lugo or Carlos Morales. They are both on winning teams now.

    I like Gully Pena. He is a savage. Viniegra is also a good option and for me those are the only 2 worth paying for.

    Buy Aquino. give them 10 mdd.

    As for strikers. There are none at Peraltas level. The closest to him is Sabah, and an outside chance to reach that level is Flavio Santos from Atlas. Given the oppurtunty he can be a excellent striking partner for RML or Fierro.

    Ultimately i knew they would end up back where they started, all because of the pos owners. dont forget to tell Angelica gracias.

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    7 years ago

    We need a coach who understands Mexican football. Somebody like Guero real or La Volpe. Heck even Carlos de Cobos would be good! El ojitos Cruz would be great. He can turn a team around.

    We need an entire make over

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  • 7 years ago

    Correct me if I'm wrong but Vergara is the president right? >.<

    Source(s): I don't know shit about soccer B/
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