Why do liberals automatically bash "Fox News" every time they hear something bad about Obama?

My opinion of Obama was formed by and listening to what he says, and reviewing his policies on his website. Most of the things he believes, I strongly disagree with (like higher progressive taxes, his government health care, his "go green or go home" mentality, etc.) I believe in strong competition, not strong regulation. Competition is what has made America great. Competition keep the top guys from getting too strong, and brings about better products and more innovation. I don't agree with Obama because his policies discourage competition in the private sector and move more control to the government. It has nothing to do with Fox News, or race, i Don't understand why democrats always default to these things when they hear something bad about him. It's his policies that are the problem, not some news network. Please explain why democrats always say it's about a News Channel?


Again, you say the exact same things with nothing to back it up with. I don't agree with his policies, plain and simple, I don't even watch Fox News.

Update 2:

"third of a brain" that is a very fitting username you have picked out for yourself. Here are the examples of how he has reduced competition in the private sector (warning, you must understand economics before reading)...

1. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (otherwise known as Obamacare)

- this has reduced competition by placing impossible to meet regulations on the private sector insurance companies, the 80% mandate (part of the bill, go look it up i don't feel like explaining), pre-existing condition reform, children on adults plan till age 26, government approval for each rate hike, and finally the "government option" for health insurance which rears it's ugly head in 2014. This policy regulates, regulates, regulates, to death - and then at the end provides a government option that makes it impossible for the private sector to compete, because the government will take the majority of the insurance customers. Obamacare directly reduces comp

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  • Robert
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    7 years ago
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    First, television is the worst place to get most of your information. Read read read. Read Obama's autobiography. Remember though, as you read, he admits that he has changed names and combined some characters and much of it has been proved to be in error. Still, it gives you an idea of who Barack Obama is. It helps to understand his confulsion as to who he is. Also remember that he he had lots of help and MAY not have written it himself. Bill Ayres helped him a lot and may have even written it for him. Read books favorable to Obama AND unfavorable to him. On television all you get is sound bites and in many cases each person yelling platitudes over each other.

    Most of the commentators on Fox News definitely lean to the right. Some of them are as bad as those in the main stream media in their bias, BUT, with very few exceptions, it is the only place you will hear anything remotely unfavorable to Barack Obama. Charles Krauthammer is the best commentator on TV. I wish he had his own show. Neil Cavuto is very good. I don't watch O'Reilley, Hannity, or Laura Ingram because they are rude and yell over the guests.

    About the only other channel worth watching is CNN. Anderson Cooper is very good and he treats liberals and conservatives alike. Candy Crowley is also good. Soledad O'Brien is so bad that she should be on MSNBC.

    Ther has never been a bigger collection of idiots in one spot than at MSNBC. It is a joke. I think Chris Matthews is even missing a few marbles.

    I never watch MSNBC, ABC, CBS or NBC.

    So the only television stations I watch are CNN and Fox, but I don't get most of my information from television.

    John Stossell is fantastic.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Because Fox News has cried "Wolf!" far too many times to be taken seriously. If one only watches Fox News and believes conservative radio, that person is never exposed to the truth. Here are a couple of examples:

    1. Fox viewers would swear the IRS singled out Tea Party groups, because they're never told that Darrel Issa ordered his investigator to ignore all but Tea Party cases. Turns out more progressive groups were investigated and were the only ones to be denied preferred tax status.

    2. Every single guest on Fox News railing about how Obamacare has hurt them has been proven to be lying. Every one of them. From the Koch Brothers' Lupus Lady to the owner of Papa John's.

    3. Fox viewers don't get that their favorite channel donates more to the Democrats than the Republicans. At least one of their highest-profile conservative hosts regularly votes Democrat. Fox uses their viewers' ignorance to line their pockets.

    4. Benghazi!!! Fast and Furious! War on Christmas! They're coming to take your guns! Are you scared yet? Islam! The Knockout Game! Christians are being discriminated against! How 'bout now? Death Panels! NSA snooping! Welfare abuse! O-ba-ma-care! If you're not too scared to change the channel now, you must be among the 54% of Fox News viewers who fully understand Fox News is not a "news" network.

    Source(s): Founder of one of the nation's largest Tea Party organizations. You don't want to know where your donations really go.
  • 7 years ago

    Fox was TV's answer to the tabloid, National Enquirer, long before Obama ran for office.

    The University of Maryland recently released their study showing that Fox viewers are "the most misinformed in the country."

    Perhaps you were part of the study???

  • 3 years ago

    No however i consider they deliberatly to find moderate ones, which i dont feel anything is simply too improper with that. I feel that pat buchanan was once very consevrative at one factor but is now extra average. I feel alan colmes is beautiful liberal however no longer very powerful and wasnt given an equal speaking threat. I do not know so much about greta. I think joe is not very tough core. Good point! I do not consider they're fake although, just not very strong and pretty moderate

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  • EviL
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    7 years ago

    I watch Fox news MSNBC CNN I even listen to some AM radio. Fox spoon feed there viewers what they want to hear the others do the same anyone who claims other wise is a lair.

    this is why I watch many different news channels and then I fact check and snoop check all the right wing trash I see on here and on face book.

  • 7 years ago

    SPJP don't let anyone tell you different you hit the nail on the head! The reason they bash Fox news is because the rest of the Networks are busy trying their level best to destroy Romney and Ryan, and Fox News really is the only Network to shoot from the side and some are to far right bus there are none on other networks that support or help Romney or Ryan, NBC, CBS, ABC or any other major network work to Re-Elect Obama especially Chris Matthews he makes one PUKE at his stupid jerk comments and loud mouth.

  • 7 years ago

    If you watched Fox "news" then you would not need to ask. It is clear the USA has very ineffective libel laws

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    How has Obama moved us away from competition? Do you realize that regulations are not new at all? You are making the claims so support them.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    They have been inundated by the propaganda apparatus, told "Fox News lies" ad nauseam until it engrained itself into their brain.

    They are truly indoctrinated, but they don't know it. They don't even think the television media has a liberal bias, that is how deep in the pits of disinformation they are. It's a sad sight to behold.

  • Biba
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    7 years ago

    Fox "news" is nothing but the propaganda arm of the Republican party. It has been proven in two separate studies that people who watch that network actually know LESS than people who watch no news at all.

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