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How's my eating habits?

Im an avid runner. Im a freshman and i run varsity cross country. On monday-friday, i run at least 3 miles. On saturday i go on a long 8 mile run. On sundays i do like 5 miles. I dont run as much in winter and spring track season cause track is more short distance. Therefore I Eat about 1300-1400 calories a day. Here's an example of what I'll eat


1) chobani yogurt with berries or 2) half a bagel with almond butter

Or 3) an omelette with veggies, and salsa or 4) oatmeal with blueberries


1) burrito with beans and veggies, plus carrots and hummus. Or 2) leftovers from dinner in a thermos Or 3) a salad with nuts and fruit and cheese and chicken

Snack: Luna bar or other protien bar


Whatever my mom makes. Normally it's chicken, fish, or pasta. Then we have another veggie (broccoli, asparagus, corn, potatoes, sometimes rice instead,) and a salad.

I normally will eat a little bit more than this after my long saturday run. Please don't say I have to eat more. I am full. I am never ever real hungry

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    It really matters how much you weigh and your height. But I'd say that's a good diet. You don't need to eat more, nor less. If you run then you can eat more. (if you want to.) Pigging out is okay sometimes too. Just not everyday, I'd say pig out once ever two weeks. Hope I could help.

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    sounds good to me, but i would say add more calories to your diet unless you are trying to lose weight

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