My e-mail ( was hacked last week?

Hello Dear

my e-mail ( was hacked last week and from that time i'm trying to get it back but i cant

i forget the answer second secret questions , so i cant login

and my another e-mail was on (hotmail) and because i didn’t open it for a long time they close it

so please please help me to get my mail back , coz all my life is in this mail , my pictures , my contacts , the phone numbers , my friends details

p.s : the signature on the yahoo mail is the same one on this mail and i am the only one have the all details on the yahoo mail

thank you very very much

Yasser Saudi


Best Regards,

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    1. Please edit your question to remove all personal details. Once the question goes to voting, it is saved by Yahoo and can be accesses in Yahoo's archives as well as any web search site. Spammers have programs constantly skimming the web for this information for financial fraud or personal identity theft, even for phone numbers - beware!

    2. For backup of important mail, do not rely only on web mail. Open a download mail account such as Outlook or Thunderbird (Firefox) so you can back up mails to an external drive.

    If you do not know the answers to your security questions and have no working alternate e-mail address for that account, Yahoo has no way to contact you. All mail in that account is likely lost to you.

    When the password doesn't work and/or the security questions have been changed, go to

    In case of a hacked Yahoo account, where you cannot sign in, (a changed password and/or secret questions), the Account Verification department offers ways to contact them:

    1. Call 866-850-4303 toll-free (Open 7 days a week, 6 a.m. - 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time) Be prepared for a VERY long wait, even hours ...

    2. After filling in your ID and password as usual, click the proper category of 'I can't sign in' [Account compromised] to send an email with all of the information an agent needs to respond within 12-24 hours, hopefully ...

    - Give them your identity using your country, and the same alternate email address or mobile phone number and Security Questions and Answers that you provided during registration or the last time you edited. Knowing the approximate date when you set up the account also helps. You might also be asked for your birthday, ZIP or postal code at the time you last updated ...

    Check your alternate e-mail for a response. Sometimes the mail will be found in the Spam folder instead ...

    3. Read the Yahoo Mail Blog entry for December 8th, 2011 for all possible steps, including if you forgot or do not have secret questions and answers ...

    4. Once you regain control of your account, change ALL security settings, starting with the alternate e-mail address FIRST so the hacker won't be notified - password, secret questions and answers too. Make the password at least 12 characters long with mixed symbols, and invent your own secret questions which nobody could guess ...

    Answers is a Jungle

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    9 years ago


    If you feel your Yahoo! account may have been compromised, you can

    attempt to recover your account using our online password reset


    Here is how:

    1.Go to the wizard at

    2.Select My account may have been compromised as the first option.

    3.Walk through the CAPTCHA process and follow the other steps as

    outlined in the wizard.

    good luck.


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