I love him. But he says he doesn't.?

We 've been friends. I liked him. I said him once. He said he too does love me. And days went well. He is someone who doesn't want to hurt me. He want me to be happy. And after few months, he dint talk well to me and said he never loved me. He just tried. He feels too guilty for lying to me. I want him back so badly. I tried too much. All he says is that he can't give back the love i give and he doesn't deserve my love. Its hard to move on. I want him..

Your opinion about this??

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  • 7 years ago
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    Im kinda going through the same thing.. and sometimes a person just doesn't love you back. There's nothing you can do about it. You can try and try until you have nothing left to give.. or you can just realize that you deserve to be loved and you shouldn't have to work your butt off for someone to want to be with you. You guys should like eachother equally and both want to be with one another. You may think you want him.. but if he doesn't love you then why would you want him? Think about how he's making you feel right now. You're sad and kinda lonely now and depressed and unhappy.. That's because of him. You will meet other guys who will actually want to be with you and will make you happy but you'll never meet them if you're stuck on a guy who doesn't love you. My advice is to move on and realize that soemtimes theres nothing you can do. Its a rough thing to learn but if he doesn't love you for who you are then you shouldn't be wasting time on him.. You should be out there looking for the guy who loves everything about you. You put him on a pedestal because you want what you can't have. but you will find someone else who makes you happier than he has. I promise

  • 7 years ago

    that dude is sure a gentleman

    he's is trying to dump you the nicest caring way ever

    what he means is he doesn't want to be with you anymore

  • 7 years ago

    learn better english....and just remain friends with him.

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