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Why does my dog not like to swim?

I have a cocker spaniel and she loves to play run around but she gets scared easy. If you get to excited she cowers down and starts shaking. Whenever Im in the pool and she comes to the edge she is shaking and cowers down also. I feel like if she wasn't afraid she'd love the water because I live in Arizona so the pool is always nice and she is always hot. When she goes swimming she will just get out as quickly as possible and never get back in. What can I do to get her more comfortable with water?

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    Never force a dog to swim, especially if you are inexperienced.

    While some Cocker Spaniels are brilliant swimmers, but the wrong method, a drowning dead.

    If she is really reluctant, you may stick with tiny water areas and don't force it.

    Start with washing her down with a sponge and water.

    Praise her when she relaxes.

    If she calms down with sponges and water, move to hosing, it may take longer, but give her treats/praise and she'll think 'great! when I let them put water on me i get a pet/treat!'

    Walk her over puddles, small, but one step closer. or make your own little water area.

    If you can get one of those kiddie pools and show her they're fun.

    Gradually move up to larger water parts.

    Never throw your dog in the water unless you are 100% confident it can swim, it enjoys it and is a bigger dog bred for swimming.

    She may have suffered a traumatic experience in water so take it easy and show her that involvement with water =treats, fun and fetch!

    Toss a toy into a puddle, into a kiddies pool, into a wet area and then toss it into a tiny pool, river.

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  • 4 years ago

    Puppies have partially webbed toes, which helps them swim better, and i've certainly not come across a canine that does not recognize the best way to swim, however I've come throughout some dogs that HATE water with a burning ardour, lol. Our oldest Pit Bull loves to swim. When we take him to the park down the avenue a few blocks from our house for the period of the summer season, he'll run and soar within the water and attack the fountain. Best dangerous section is that he'll generally swallow an excessive amount of water and throw it back up, which is why we always must continuously monitor him now. My female Pit is unsure of water more often than not, but after I subsequently coax her into jumping in, she has a number of enjoyable.

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  • 8 years ago

    Regardless of what you might hear, not all dogs can swim. We have a backyard pool which my shelties hate, my goldens , westies, and labs, loved, but I had a Miniature Schnauzer that would literally sink to the bottom if put into the pool. I also had a Westie that I couldn't keep out of the pool to the point where we would have to go get him. I finally bought a life jacket made for dogs ( because he would swim until exhausted and I was afraid he'd drown.

    Don't force her into the water.......splash her occasionally, playfully, just to help cool her off, but otherwise just let her watch on her own terms.

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