Is this study about marijuana lowering IQ credible?

I've mostly been pro because of what I've read, but this might change my mind. What do you think about this?

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    First, you linked a news article, not a study.

    Second, there is not a full citation to the study in this news article, so I am having to search for it. I have to READ THE ORIGINAL STUDY, and so would anyone else, before I can comment on its validity or reliability.

    But I will tell you this... 95% of all media world wide is owned and operated by the same 3-5 mega corporations that ARE for profit. That includes cbs. That means, that virtually all media you see, including the news, is there to sell you something, whether it be an ideal or a product.

    I will also say that the studies I have read suggesting similar conclusions have been massively biased.

    If I can find the study, I will read it and comment...

    Add.... AHH, just found the study... it IS in the article, but not listed as a citation, rather a link to an abstract. The abstract is NOT the study, but a couple paragraphs of summarization of a study that is likely 10 pages or longer. The journal requires a subscription or pay an expensive per article fee to read the whole thing, but I am still searching for it in other places, I have access to several journal databases.


    I do not have access to the full study without purchasing it. I may do that at some later point, but I do not have access to a printer at the moment. You can purchase access for 10$ for 7 days to this single study.


    I did find this article, and it links a couple others that dispute the study in question

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