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She got me goin crazy <3<3 please help ill answer yours?????

ok I really really really really really really really really like this shy girl but the only thing is ive seen her five times and i didnt get one word out my mouth to her cause im kinda shy around girls but it has never stop me from talking to them idk y its hard for me now all the time i just look at her then i dont say nothing and i just talk to others around me but she has sat next to me at almost every thing we did and has laughed at my terrible jokes and has gave me a certain look and has smiled at me but I dont know if she likes me cause she hasnt mentioned me to her cousin that i know and other thing is shes a 9th grader at stivers in dayton oh and she mite end up liking another boy so help does she like me

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  • 8 years ago
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    yolo [im ashamed i just said that] i mean if it doesnt happen then you can move on. But u will never know if you dont go for it!

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