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Which fast food chains use free range eggs?

I wanted to know if the eggs on hardees biscuits come from free range chickens as well as will other fast food restaurants.

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    Organic or free range does not mean cruelty free, animals still suffer and end up being horrifically slaughtered. Even free range and organic hens can be kept thousands of birds to a shed. They need to be given outside access for up to half of their lives. The unnaturally high number of eggs that hens are forced to produce drains calcium from their bodies, which leads to osteoporosis and brittle bones. This causes their legs to break easily, especially when they are handled roughly in transportation and at the slaughterhouse. As early as 72 weeks old some of the birds can no longer produce profitable quantities of eggs and so the "spent hens" are sent to the slaughterhouse.

    Breeding hens are used to produce the millions of egg-laying hens. But for every female chick, a male is also hatched. The males are considered useless because they cannot lay eggs and they are no good for meat. And so each year 30 million day-old male chicks are gassed or tossed alive into giant industrial shredders. Don't be fooled by the words organic or free-range, they still are used and abused as commodities and are treated very much like factory farmed hens. They all share the same fate, and why? to feed us with a food that is unhealthy and don't need.

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    My guess is none. Especially since I agree that "free range" is an ambiguous term that is non-regulated by the government. If you want an egg biscuit, just buy true free range eggs, whole wheat English muffins and Morningstar farms veggie sausage. (Or, better, tofu for the eggs.) Healthier, cheaper and faster than fast "food".

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    The Burgerville hamburger chain of the Great Pacific Northwest use free range chicken, turkey, etc. A very green and sustainable company.

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    No fast food chain will ever have free range eggs...

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    LOL NONE. free range is a made-up term to pacify consumers.

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