How can i fix limited access on my network?

Okay, So.. My laptop is an acer. I cannot connect to the internet when i try it says limited access. How do i get access? Is it a virus? It is wireless not wired. I looked all over the internet. Someone please help me! 

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  • 7 years ago
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    Limited access usually means either:

    that the signal is too weak; you need to get closer to the AP or choose a different one.

    that the access point is not connected to the Internet. You need to choose a different access point.

    that web-based authentication is necessary. In that case, when you try to access any web page, you should get redirected to the AP authentication page ("You can use our hot-spot for four hours for free. Please buy a drink. Click [here] to acknowledge" or something less nice). Not sure about WinXP, but Win7 has a better error message prepared in that case.

  • 7 years ago

    One other cause of your problem has been McAfee anti virus. If you are running McAfee, and have had problems over the last two weeks, then you may be one of the 30% of their customer base that got hosed by a bat DAT file.

    Here is the link to their site

    Basically - you have to uninstall McAfee using control panel and then reinstall from their site

    Good Luck

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