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Who Do You Like Better Lea Michele or Her Character On Glee...?

Rachel Berry? And Why?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Since the beginning of Glee I've loved Lea but I've always been wary of her and I've heard and read some rotten things about Miss Sarfati haha. She has said before that she is quite similar to her character Rachel. I love Lea and think she's very pretty, extremely talented and VERY ambitious - I think she has many admirable traits and qualities but quite honestly she isn't a nice person, she is very fake, rude, nasty and arrogant and those qualities are not very admirable! There have numerous reports of her being rude, demanding, bossy and a complete diva - and the latest report comes from Kate Hudson, claiming Lea is a nightmare to work with and a total diva. So I think I'll have to say I like Rachel better because it's a fictitious character who started off one way and grew into a mature person, she became friends with girls one would think least likely (Quinn, Santana, Britney etc..) and became a team player - all that Lea isn't. I don't like nastiness and people that are fake, and think think they are better than everyone else, that's how she is... and with all these claims that people make...are they ALL lying, including a friend of my uncle who works behind the set on some technical crap (not with the cast but he has seen them) and he told me that she is a horrible person and that there isn't so much love amongst the set as they make out to us public!!! Like they say WHERE THERE'S SMOKE, THERE'S FIRE!! She is one of those people are PRETTY FROM FAR, BUT FAR FROM NICE!!

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Kate Hudson reports are false. The reports of her being nasty is from fans who wanted her autograph while she was working, so she had to walk past. I love lea a lot more because she is nice, and yet still a hard worker like rachel. Very strong women

  • ?
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    9 years ago


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