question about new ssd?

i have windows 7 on my hdd right now. i am getting the full version of 8 when it comes out so i can put it on a blank ssd. then i am going to boot from my ssd and just keep my hdd for storage and programs like skyrim, starcraft 2, and fallout nv

since i am getting the full version of windows 8, i can upgrade my windows 7 with it right? and then i can put it on a new blank ssd?

should i put 8 on both my ssd and hdd or just my ssd? i am going to boot from my ssd. i am real picky about how my computers work kind of like sheldon cooper. i do not want a boot option coming up every time i turn my pc on because that would be a minor inconvenience for me and i am ocd about inconveniences.


um NUNYA i know you are bullshitting because i have done this before with windows vista and XP

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  • Nunya
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    8 years ago
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    Install Windows 8 onto SSD

    go into bios and make sure to boot from ssd before hard drive

    Delete Windows 7 on hard drive and any programs that were installed as they will no longer work

    EDIT: BSing what? If you install Windows 8 then your programs will no longer be in the operating systems registry thus they will not work. There are certain exceptions (WoW, Diablo 3, and Steam for example because they don't store critical info in the registry) but most programs will stop working. Also the Windows 7 deletion is option but since you want to use 8, there is no reason to use it.

    The only way to make it so your programs will continue to work without re-installation is if you upgrade the Windows 7 installation then image it over to the SSD but that requires all your programs to be on the SSD which might leave you with space issues. There is a work around for that by using junctions and/or symlinks but they aren't perfect and may not work for everything. You could do all the previous steps, then copy the programs to the hard drive again, make symlinks on the SSD that point to the programs and that might work. However based on your attitude towards computers, that would make unnecessary clutter and thus would annoy you and thus it isn't a valid answer to the question.

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