I'd like to know if starting as a Doctor's assistant would get me credits for nursing?


well, I'm going to this "college of Technology"

and the associates degree I'm taking is in "doctors assistant"

question is, does it have as many classes as to be accredited to nursing?

I wanna take this degree and then start in Nursing, that's what the admissions representative told me to do, she said you cannot just go and take nursing. WELL. thanks for the info!

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  • 8 years ago
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    There is not just enough info here. Its a "medical assistant", and if its an accredited school, some classes MAY count for nursing pre-reqs but NONE will count for the ACTUAL NURSING PROGRAM AT ALL. If it a "for profit" school, nothing you do there will count anywhere. You may not even be acle to find a job as a MA depending on the area. If you want to become a RN, look into the community colleges near you that have a nursing program--that is the route you need to take.

    Source(s): PA & MA instructor
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