What are Movie "Lobby Cards"?

I read that people collect these and that the cards are sometimes valuable, but what are they and what are they for? They advertise a film, but are they actually displayed in theater lobbies? I don't think I've ever seen one.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Everything you see today in theater lobbies is posters. The mega-plexes of today are cavernous places with enormous lobbies set up to sell you overpriced food and drink. You will still see advertising of coming attractions, but the typical lobby cards, which were made of cardboard stock - hence the name 'card' - instead of paper, were only about 11 x 14 or 14 x 17 for the 'jumbo' size. They don't show as well in large mega-plex lobbies, so posters are what's used.

    But back when theaters were grand, the lobbies, while just as grandly-designed, were much smaller. There wasn't the space to hang promotional posters for the one or two coming attractions. You might see one of those hanging outside in a glass case circled with lights. Inside, they hung the lobby cards. Instead of your classic single-scene poster, which went outside, the lobby cards were a series of scenes from the film, usually sets of 8

    Vintage lobby cards are very collectible. Some vintage lobby cards are so rare and sought out that there are now reprint sets you can buy.

    Lobby cards are still in use today, though their production and distribution to theaters is limited. This sets up the possibility for some of them to have good value in the future, though one can never know exactly how collecting tastes may change. It's also possible that nobody will care. I have a set of promo lobby cards from a 2002 release. They came in a press kit, so I don't know if any were actually distributed to theaters.

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  • guenin
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    4 years ago

    I've a personal collection of 3000 such playing cards. From 1930 to 1955. All "B" Western Stars, Over 40 man or woman entertainers. Autographed with the aid of 18 of them. From William Boyd. TO Clayton Moore. To Roy Rogers, Gene Autry. Tim Holt. Charles Starrett. Eddie Dean. Early John Wayne, Rex Allen, Robert Livingston, Buster Crabbe. Cisco child. Iron Eyes Cody. Sue ann Langdon. A bunch of them. These playing cards have been used like buying and selling cards for children.

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