Is there an app that will allowe to turn on the flash light while using the camera?

I'm trying to find an app for my android phone that will allow me to record videos and take pictures with the flash light on. Please help.

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  • 8 years ago
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    The flash unit is hardware-specific, and you have not stated the exact make and model you own.

    If it's an LED flash (not really a flash at all, just an LED torch) then most such phones will have video recording which illuminates the LED continuously as a video light. To save battery power, most will only briefly illuminate the LED for taking regular photographs, but there are usually apps to allow you to have it on continuously if the phone cam does not already have that feature as a camera option.

    If your camera has a xenon discharge tube as the flash then it's like a regular camera flash; it has a single bright discharge (hence the name "flash") and cannot be set to illuminate continuously nor be used as a video light as it simply doesn't work that way.

    You can get more flexibility to do as you wish by simply using a separate handheld video light; they come in all sizes from small but fairly powerful handheld LED units (little more than a very wide-angle beam LED torch) to a full blown incandescent filament unit using large rechargeable battery packs or mains power.

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