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Where to live in Birmingham with my families?

I live in south London with my husband and 3 children (8, 7 and 6 months). We are both teachers. We are looking for decent primary and secondary schools, affordable private nurseries in a multi cultural areas as we are black and Muslims (but not necessarily Muslim areas of the county). Also not too far from university and train station as we might need to commute to London for work. Thanks

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    8 years ago
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    Well there are not many places but i suppose you could try Alum Rock it has a primary school and a secondary school OPPOSITE EACH OTHER... Joseph Chamberlain college not so far away and neither is birmingham university you only need to take a bus or two and your there... it has a roads full of takeaway and clothes shops and a park also round the corner.... Ward end Park... it is densely populated with muslims,pakistani's and somali's.....The houses are cheap and affordable and the primary school ( Nansen primary school) has a free nursery....Oh yeah and the secondary school is park view academy of mathematics and science was the first school to receive outstanding in 2012 under the new regime.....

    Source(s): Relatives live there been a few times.....
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  • 8 years ago

    Lichfield. Its not in Birmingham, its a 30minute train, 20min car journey (possibly less) from the city centre. Its got a direct train to london euston from one of its two train stations. Its got private nursery's, private primary and high school (the cathedral school) or its non privete schools have had 'outstanding' ofsted reports.. On the train to the university you can catch directly from lichfield and its two stops after city centre Birmingham and drops you in the heart of the campus.

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