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Should I move to Seattle or Denver? I like to ride mountain and road bikes.?

Should I move to Seattle or Denver? I like to ride mountain and road bikes. Which would be the better state for cycling? I'm also unemployed and looking for a job as well. Currently living in Dallas, Tx. I plan on living in a apartment and don't have to live downtown. Being near trails or bike paths would be great. Seattle would get me closer to Vancouver for Whistler.

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    I would say to focus on where you can find a job in your field first, and overall quality of life can ride bikes almost anywhere, and almost anywhere is going to offer better trails than central Texas, right? lol. Seattle is tough unless you love wetness and chill...Portland might be a better choice and it's still close to Vancouver (and there are a LOT of great mtb trails near the Portland area, including some excellent freeride zones) all of the hiking, backpacking, skiing, boating, and anything outdoors that you want to do...not far from the ocean, either. Portland is also an extremely bicycle and pedestrian friendly area, with a fantastic public transportation system as well.

    Denver is a favorite city of mine, too, and in some ways it might have more to offer with employment. Busier, higher, drier, sunny, with some ok trails in the metro, but millions of trails of all types within a short drive. I think the cost of living in all three areas is pretty similar to what you have in Dallas, but home prices and rent will be higher (homes are way higher in Portland, and of older/lower quality in many parts). If snow matters to you, Denver sometimes gets dumped on, but not as much as one would think, and they know how to deal with it there (the roads are fantastic in the winter). Snow and ice are pretty rare in hovers close enough to freezing that it usually just stays as rain, although just a half hour up the Columbian River gorge it may be snowy, and of course the mountains surrounding the city will be in deep snow through the winter.

    Several years ago I was considering either Portland or Denver...I was *this* close to going to Portland after several short visits, but ended up staying put. Still not sure if I'd pick it over Denver. Both wonderful cities, just different in their own ways. Can't help with Seattle, sorry.

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    I have performed centuries it on each mtb and road bikes a couple of times and the avenue bike is a colossal capabilities. Ten hours is numerous saddle time so i hope you're getting a while in considering no matter what your form using that long requires bum conditioning. The avenue bike is without problems rapid and extra secure in every category on the avenue. For 200 bucks you might get lucky in the used market and discover a good bike however plan on hanging yet another a hundred-200 into it. My advice can be to roll with the MTB with slick tires whether it is in compatible mechanical situation and push for higher than 10 mph if you find yourself doing extra road rides get a correct street bike.Your price range will have to be more in the 800 plus variety for a bike

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    Seattle sucks for road bikes. It rains all through the year, and is COLD. I lived their and had a bike. Even on a what is considered a warm summer day, in a tee shirt it gets damn cold going over 40mph in a shaded area. And there are LOTS of huge pine trees, so LOTS of shaded areas on the roads.

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