Is there financial aid for fathers attempting to get custody of child.?

My live in girlfriend of 4 years and I have a daughter together who just turned 1 on august 29 2012. I have been suspicious of her for some tome now and the other day she said she was going to the gym for an hour. A few hours later I got in the truck to check on the situation. It didn't take long as I found her car parked at a local lake next to a coworkers car.

I caught them walking with his arm around her and she was all snuggled up to him.

Long story short we got home and she ended pulling a knife on me in front of the kids. I called the cops and now she is in jail on assault with a deadly weapon and family violence charges.

She has two children from previous relationships ages 16and 9.

The police issued a restraining order on her to keep her away from the house, the kids and the work place since we both work there.

I now have to pay all the bills and do not have the money for a lawyer. Is there a program or group that could assist me in this situation?

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    There are a few attorneys who will do father custody for little or nothing...but they are few and far between. If you do not qualify for legal aid, then your next best step is to represent yourself in court. I will tell you however, that it is a tough job and will require months of prep work and study at your local law library. Most attorneys will want an up front retainer of at least five thousand...but in your case, it cold be less because of the charges against the mother. There will no doubt be a child protection investigation over her actions. Follow it closely while you prepare for your case.

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    contact legal aid in your area. also call the courts and ask if they know any programs for assistance

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