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What Brand of makeup is best for African american skin (Drag Queen?)?

I have Tried Black Radiance Mineral powders, lmost every shade..... The shade that is best for my skin tone almost makes me look gray when it is on, if i go a shade lighter it is a brown color, but it looks ridiculous.... I am just looking for something that applies evenly and has a good pigment of color. (i have tried liquid foundation before, but it came out streaky.... any advice or tps on that if you suggest a liquid? and will Foundations Smooth over bumps i have, or will it just cover scars (I am learning on a budget)

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    There isn't a certain brand you need to look for. What i recommend is going to a MAC counter and having them test the color on your skin. Just tell them you don't know your color and they'll put it on for you. That way you know you're getting the right shade. If your skin is difficult to get the right shade you may have to buy two foundations and mix them. I'm only saying this because it sounds like you're having a hard time finding the right shade of color. As for streaking, change whatever brush you're using to a stippling brush. It will not steak. Use the stippling brush from Real Techniques. You can buy this at Ulta. I will link a tutorial on how to use a stippling from from the make up artist Wayne Goss from the UK. He is AMAZING. If you have any questions or concerns on make up please look to him for help.

    The foundation I use is from MAC called the Pro longwear. It is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. This is a liquid foundation that lasts all day without having to use a primer. And I'll tell you this. I am wearing it right now. I've had it on since about 6:30AM and it's 4:00AM--it's still on!

    If you don't want to spend 30.00 on a foundation from MAC you can try splurging once then using that bottle color and holding it up to other foundation colors. Which ever looks closest is most likely your color.

    Yes, it will only cover the scarring. If the foundation isn't full coverage (there are light, medium, and full coverage foundations) you will need to buy a concealer. MAC Pro longwear also had a concealer for 20.00 which is great, too. But it isn't full coverage for those really dark scars, just the light-medium colored scars.

    For your bumps, yeah, it'll just go over them. If you have a discoloration around/on the pimple the foundation will cover it.

    MAC Pro longwear foundation - 30.00

    MAC Pro longwear concealer - 20.00

    Real Techniques Stippling Brush - 9.99

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    Drag Queen Make Up

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    I believe eyeshadow should be for night time, until you put on glasses all the time. I'm more a fan of water-proof eyeliner/ water-resistant mascara for sunlight hours eyewear. If you're determined to use shadow, use colour in line with your current hair color, eye colour and the natural undertones on your epidermis. Seal the shadow with powder that complements your skintone. Many ladies of color have lovely epidermis. So just use somewhat dab of shadow as a spotlight. Keep the tremendous flashy shimmery stuff for night time time. Hope this helps.

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    Hi Larry. I would use Revlon they have a formula that blends to your natural skin colr, it comes out white and blends beautifully. My nephew uses it. He is a drag queen in a stage show here in Las Vegas.

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