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Athetits: y do u think that ur so smart?

u think ur so smart becoz you reject god but have u ever heard of pascals wager? any smart person will know that u r better off believing in god & being wrong than not believing & being wrong. if u believe in god then u have nothing 2 lose but if u dont then u risk going 2 hell 4 all eternity. still think ur so smart???

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    Pascal's Wager is invalid simply because there are multiple gods out there to believe in. If you are willing to partake in the wager, you must believe in all those gods, to ensure the best probability of a pleasant afterlife.

    Of course, another reason the wager is invalid is because there is an investment made in faith, but not in a lack of faith. You wind up going to church, spending time reading the bible, thinking up reasons that the atheists just have be dumber than you for some reason. There is no similar investment for atheism, unbalancing the initial state of the wager, thus invalidating the results.

    There you have it, two reasons why Pascal's Wager is crap. And the fact that I could come up with that in just a few minutes is why I think I'm smarter than you. That and your spelling and grammer. Come on, you can't expect to be taken seriously if you sound like a twelve-year-old girl texting her bff between classes.

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    It appears that you are unaware of the reality of Pascal's Wager.

    The reality is that if there IS a God, and you honor the wrong one, or honor the right one in the wrong way, you go to Hell, even after a lifetime of doing what you have been taught was the ONLY proper way to honor the ONLY God.

    So, there's some kind of God, and there's you. You look for the right way, and the oldest of the Abrahamic religions- Judaism- has at least two ways, one of which is wrong: Orthodox or Reformed.

    So you try something a thousand or so years more modern: Christianity.

    Catholics and Mormons are not considered "True" Christians by a lot of Protestants, and several of the OVER TWO THOUSAND splinter groups in Protestantism claim that a thousand or more of the other Protestants are misled by Satan.

    And after Christianity became popular, along came Islam. And even they have at least two subdivisions: Sunni and Shia. And the members of the two groups have a long history of disliking, and even harming, each other.

    Now, I'm sure that I don't think I'm smarter than God. But, since God wants as many people as possible to end up in the Happy PLace, and the Bible PROVES that He was smart enough to come up with millions of kinds of animals and birds and plants, how DARE any Preacher claim that God is NOT smart enough to think up dozens of religions?

    Some might have very few Gods or Goddesses, and some might have several. And as long as the various religions motivate people to behave toward each other with kindness (as Jesus and other Gods have suggested we do), what's YOUR problem?

    Source(s): Please stop believing that God is too [intercourse]ing STUPID to have thought up any religions other than the one YOU just happen to like.
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    I think I am smart because I can use proper english. Also I know pascals wager and it is evidence for there not being a god.

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    Actually with Pascal's wager, atheism is the smartest choice, because almost every god ever mentioned has a problem with you worshiping another god, but only a handful have a problem with simply not believing.

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    Only fools think that pascal's wager is a good bet. If you lose, then you have nothing to lose but your entire life, which to christians is worth the risk for fear of a childish fairy. Yours is such a childish post.

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    i think im smart becoz i use logic n resoning, and i hav a good education. not 2 mention i dnt type leik dis.

    But seriously, why are you calling me tit s?

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    And do you think that your god is so dumb as to take a person in who is taking a just-in-case bet?

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    We think we're so smart because we can type english.

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    7 years ago

    okay. you win

    so what religion to follow, of the thousands that exist on earth? which one is right? even if I wanted to be religious, "just to be safe", which one do I follow?

    you sir, are an asshat

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