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Is the term “Brazilian wax” used in Brazil?

I’m learning Portuguese and I was wondering whether Brazilians themselves refer to bikini waxing as such (the literal translation would be “depilação brasileira”, I believe) the way much of the world does. I’ve always found it fascinating how, for example, what is called a “French kiss” in English and certain other languages is not known as such in France and other French-speaking countries. Instead, they use the expression “rouler une pelle”, which doesn’t involve any ethnic tags. This goes for many other terms across various languages that involve ethnicities and nationalities – they are usually created based on associations and stereotypes and even partial (or whole) truths. However, they are typically not known as such in the countries that are implicated in these expressions… but there are exceptions. I was just wondering if this is the case for “Brazilian wax” in Brazil.

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    Hi Daniel! Here is the answer you are looking for:

    Brazilian wax means to wax everything including genital area, right? This term is called (at least in central Brazil, the terms vary according to the region) "depilação cirúrgica" meaning surgical waxing. In some places it's called "depilação íntima".

    Leaving a "landing strip", like a little bit of hair right in the middle is called "depilação sensual" or "depilação artística", meaning sensual waxing or artistic waxing because it takes the hair off of most the genital but leaves some pubes in a sexy design. Then there is the waxing of the area that is exposed when wearing a bikini, so the pubes aren't removed, just the area around it. That's the "contorno", meaning contour.

    Here are a few sentences

    "Bom dia, quero marcar um horário amanhã para fazer contorno e pernas."

    "Boa tarde, quanto custa a depilação cirúrgica?"


    Bia is just messing with you people or she has never waxed in her life. :P

    And Brazilian Nut here is called Castanha do Pará.

    @ abrazilian. Brazilian waxing não é o nome da cera, é o estilo de depilação em que se tira completamente todo pelo púbico.

    "Cera depilatória" is just the name of the wax, not the type of waxing. There are many types of "cera depilatória": cera negra (black wax), cera egípcia (egyptian wax)...

    Source(s): I'm a Brazilian girl in Brazil with a lot of experience in the subject. lol You can search all these terms in google search and you'll have a confirmation of what I'm talking about. ;)
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    Wax Used For Brazilian

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    Good question. Brazilians do not say "cera brasileira".

    The technical term is "cera depilatória" - "depilatory wax" ("cera para depilação", "cera de depilar", etc are often used too), but it is commonly referred to simply as "cera quente" ("hot wax") or "cera fria" ("cold wax") depending on the method used; and also as often it is simply referred to as just "cera" ("wax") since Portuguese and Brazilian culture is highly contextual. Often in speech the emphasis is placed on the action rather than on the material used to accomplish it ("depilar-se com cera" - "depilating using wax"; or, for example, "faz-se depilação com cera" - "depilatory wax is used" - could be put on a banner outside an esthetician office).

    The kind of waxing commonly referred to as "Brazilian wax" or "bikini wax" is sometimes called "depilação biquini" - for more information ,see also

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