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Where can i watch kdramas on iphone?

Im watching iljimae on my computer but i want to watch it on my iphone...i already have viki,kdrama, and crunchyroll app but they dont have iljimae in em' just wonderig if there's another way to watch it o my phone :)

PS. If you dont know then please dont answer cuz it's irritating thanks :)

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    Download an app called Puffin Web Browser, once downloaded, go onto the website which you watch the show on and press the play button and let it play and after a while a pop-up should show and it should say 'view in fullscreen'. Click on it a couple of times and it should pop up into fullscreen and just wait for it to load once loaded you can watch the episodes after episodes from that website and other websites since puffin allows the iPhones to use flash unlike safari on the iPhone. If the pop-up doesn't show just close puffin and re open it and it should work. Hope this helped! :)

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  • Pray that Youtube has it? :3

    *I thought Crunchyroll had it, tho

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