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How should Bud Selig Handle Batting Title?

With Melky Cabrera's recent suspension, how should the commissioner handle the title?

Cabrera is currently in second place, hitting .346 (159-459), and has 501 plate appearances, one shy of qualifying. Using the oh-fer clause, his AVG would be recalculated, for the purposes of ranking the contenders and determining the champion, as 159/(459 +1) == 159/460 == .346 (.34565), so his average hardly shifts.

McCutchen leads with a .358 AVG, 152-424 in 477 PA, played in 113 of 117 Pittsburgh games. What will he have to do to edge out the Cabrera fixture? Let's play with math.

The Pirates have 45 games left; let's assume McCutchen plays in 44, at his established rate of at-bats and plate appearances, which would be 165 AB and 187 PA respectively. (This would have him finish with 664 PA, easily qualifying and not that uncommonly ranged a number for a league leader.)

McC would finish with 589 AB. To bat .346 or better, he would need 204 hits (204/589 == .3463).

Subtracting his current 152 hits shows he needs 52 more knocks.

Meaning he will need to bat, for the balance of the season, 52 for 187, which works out to .315 -- certainly within his capability. It won't be easy -- damn pitchers, always trying to get outs! -- and better players have faded late, but .315 for the next six weeks isn't too high a hurdle for a star who presently is well over .350.

Oh wait, this is the basketball section, you hood rats have no clue how to compute basic mathematics.

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    Wrong section.

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