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Oscar Peterson Music - Jazz fans, please?

If i could get only one Oscar Peterson CD, what would it be?

I like mostly trio stuff, piano, bass, drums.

it doesn't matter if there are slow songs or upbeat swing.

Just gimme the best CD that encompasses his trio work thoroughly.

Preferably not a "greatest hits".

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    My favorite is "We Get Requests". It covers several of my favorites and I perform all of these tunes (though not as well as Oscar! Dammit!)

    Thanks again to SOULMATE for mentioning Eldar Djangirov. Though I have not heard his "Peterson tribute" CD, Eldar Djangirov is a pianist deserving of much wider attention.

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    General: Miles Davis Dave Brubeck Fusion Jazz: Return to Forever Robben Ford(alsoBlues) Joe Sample(Also of Crusaders) Guitar: Early Larry Carlton Lee Ritenour Stanley Jordan Wes Montgomery Piano: Chick Corea Keiko Matsui Herbie Handcock Keith Jarrett Bass: Michael Manring Stanley Clarke Jaco Pastorius Horns: David Sanborn Chazzy Green Miles(again) Drums: Billy Cobham Bill Bruford

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    Some DJ once announced a contest in which the first prize was all of Oscar Peterson's records, and a fork lift to carry them home on. Most of the trios are piano, guitar, bass. Herb Ellis and Ray Brown. You can't really go wrong on any of them.

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    I haven't dug as deep into Oscar Peterson's work as I should yet (though I've been meaning to), so I'm probably not qualified to answer this. I do think On the Town (1958) is a fantastic album that's definitely worth checking out, though.

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    Check out Eldar Djangirov too; he's a pianist of today who plays very much in the Peterson style. One of Djangirov's discs is actually a Peterson tribute.

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    Night Train rec'12 / 62 on Verve 521440-2 ( trio ).

    Nigerian Marketplace rec' 7 / 81 on Pablo 2308231 ( trio ).

    A DVD for you worth watching although his post - stroke frailty is obvious.

    A Night In Vienna rec' 11 / 03 on Verve 000300309 ( quartet ).

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