Christians and those who study Biblical exegesis; Which commentary seems most helpful to you in your studies?

I've started using John Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible, which I became aware of after downloading the E-Sword software. I was unaware of his life and commentary. His exposition is better than many others I have read.

Which commentator seems to help you in your studies the most?


As I suspected, most Christians here never study alone. They go to Bible studies, but never actually study. They don't read commentaries, but they will read devotionals to make themselves feel good about themselves. Then they come here and display their confusion as they think they've won the war already. They basically quit on faith. They rely on their traditions, which suits them well because anyone too far into study might question tradition. Someone who questions their tradition causes controversy, and those who do that are quickly disdained. Best not to be contentious, ay Christians?

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  • Jamie
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    9 years ago
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    John Macarthurs


    HA, what a smug addition to your question!!

    You are so puffed up with pride it is insane. You think your bible study gives you salvation? Satan knows the bible frontwards and backwards.

    God cares more about OBEDIENCE than you sacrificing your time studying the word. What good will it do if you read it, yet don't follow it?

    You are an unbelievable person. I use you sometimes as an illustration to people of how some people think they are Christians, yet don't give a hoot about following God's very plain commands.

    Many Christians on here study plenty. I listen to about 30-40 sermons per week, write a religious blog, and read commentaries and books daily.

    But I don't go around bragging about it or patting myself on the back. Pride is your main problem. You think you are too good and have too much "grace" thrown on you to be damned. You will be shocked.

    Watching you pretend your are a Christian is like watching Jerry Sandusky pretend he is this great Christian while molesting boys. Good grief.

    Lastly, because every Christiain on this forum didn't break their neck to hurry and respond to your question, don't foolishly assume they don't read commentaries or study. The truth is, they are probably sick and tired of your questions and spreading around filth and false doctrines, and plan on ignoring your questions so as not to confuse people that you are actually one of us.

    Repent and turn to Christ for Salvation. He will give you the power to turn from your lusts if you do.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    There is no profit in studying other people's confusion. It is best to study what the bible says, ignoring what other people have told you the bible says. For this you need four or five books:

    1. A KJV bible. Other versions are ok, but for study you need a KJV bible because all the study materials are keyed to that version. Also, in spite of its reputation for funny words, it is still the most accurate version we have.

    2. An Interlinear Greek-English New Testament, any brand.

    3. An exhaustive concordance, any brand. However, Strong's is the one almost everybody uses.

    4. An English dictionary.

    5. If you want to study the old testament you will need a Hebrew Lexicon.

    Occasionally you will want some other references, such as an atlas of bible lands or various research materials. When you think you need a commentary, here is what you do: compose a question, write it on a paper, and stick it to your wall up near the ceiling where it won't get knocked down. Eventually God will tell you to get it down and He will send someone to answer it. Then you can retire it with some appropriate ceremony.

    This plan takes a while to get going because you have to unlearn all the baloney you have picked up. For instance you probably think Jesus wore a red-purple robe because they made a movie about it. The bible plainly describes the robes (plural), their colors (plural), and the people (plural) who put them on him. It also plainly describes the three titles on his cross, and the four, not two, people who were crucified with him.

    To start with, read the bible from Romans to 2 Thessalonians over and over until you start to remember what it says. Keep reading until you start to notice it says some things that are different from what you have been told it says. Keep reading until you figure out that the bible is more reliable than those people who told you different things. Here is a book to help you study the bible. It's a free download and you can buy a hard copy at any bible book store. "How To Enjoy The Bible"

  • 8 years ago

    It is difficult to study the opinions of others without absorbing their peculiarities, Christian sinner:

    You see, they tend to read while wearing grandpas glasses. The Bible says to ask of God if you lack wisdom.

    He will always direct you to His Word, but even then translators are influenced by tradition.

    For example, the concept of Hell to the Greek was different than that of Jews. To Jews, it is the grave, from which God will raise the saints from in the future. To the Greek, it is Hades, where the dead are tormented.

    Thus, the Greek Septuagint translated Greek mythology into church doctrines and that was translated into Latin. BUT, the Eastern Pashita does not have these ideas because they use the Aramaic, the language the disciples spoke.

    Think for a minute, Christian sinner, Just what language did Jesus and His disciples speak? The Jews thought it better to eat swine than learn a foreign language. The Roman soldiers were amazed when Paul responded to them in Greek--he had to explain he was born elsewhere and was a Roman citizen.

    Let me suggest you go on eBay and buy George Lamsa's New Testament from Aramaic. He was honest in his translation. Don't buy the one with the O.T. as that entire Bible was altered by his sponsors after he died. Expect to pay about $20.

    Then, study church history, I recommend John Wylie and John Foxe's Book of Christian Martyrs.

    But a free internet read will help you abandon church tradition when you read God's secret message, hid until "The end of the days." in Daniel 12. Start by reading that chapter. Then read this eBook: English> -- Arabic>

    Blessings as you study, Christian Overcomer. You see, in your humility, you are not a sinner but justified.

    Blessings, Messiah

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I love the F.B.Meyer commentary "Through the Bible Day By Day" that's on E-Sword. Use "Display Verse Comments", and you'll get some great insights. I also bought the NLT Bible module. I figured if the NLT was good enough for Billy Graham, it's good enough for me. Use it in parallel mode.

    P.S. Don't be so quick to judge. There's only ONE judge.

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  • 9 years ago

    The atheist community because they are persuaded by an emotional appeal to the bible. I'm currently reading Bart Ehrman's, "Misquoting Jesus" which is an interesting look into how the New Testament was put together and how it's changed over the past 2,000 years.

  • Esther
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    8 years ago

    I like Jon Courson's commentary on the new testament.

    John, thanks for your brave comments. You hit the nail on the head with this person.

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