What is the muscle used for winging of the feet?

So as a ballet student it's necessary to have a well shaped foot that can wing and fully point at the same time. So I do a lot of focusing on working on my feet and stretching my entire body after a long days worth of classes anyway so as a part of my exercises I do the theraband exercise for strengthening the muscle on the outside of your calve that looks like a ball when it contracts. What is this muscle called? Also I know i asked this before but the pinky toe on my left is still giving me problems and nothing seems to help. Whenever I expand my toes the pinky toe points down and almost touches the ball of my feet instead of going to the side like the other toes do, and I only have this problem with my left foot. I really want to know how I can fix it, I feel like it is a problem but that it can be easily fixed and I just haven't found it but the toe won't move to the side like it should it points downward as if I were pointing my feet. Thanks!

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    9 years ago
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    On the outside it is a bone and it is called the lateral malleolus. Because this is a bone you can't really strengthen it. Winging is flaring out the ankle and it is from ankle flexibility. Strong ankles helps everything, but I believe winging is mainly flexibility. I've been told I have very flexible ankles, and I've been winging my feet even before I took ballet. I have also read that winging can be dangerous if forced by someone who doesn't have the natural ROM in their ankle. I have also read it comes easier to people with medium to high arches. Winging will probably be easier for girls too because girls have more flexibility usually in the feet/ankles. About the expanding, if you mean expanding out your toes without pointing then I think every pinky goes down not to side-I know mine does. If you are winging your feet it's harder to get the toes to have that gentle curl of the toes. I only wing a lot in arabesque but if you wing a lot devant, it seems like you aren't pointing as well.

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    I guess all those questions on dance is for people that done it or doing it... Oh how I wish I could help... You seem so knowledgeable about dance and its a strong passion of yours and that am proud of you...

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