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Need ideas for my science fair project! ASAP Please!?

OK so I have a science fair coming up in like 5 months but we have 5 months to plan everything...but my teacher says we have to have at least like 5-10 ideas about what we want to do for our science fair project...I'm not into physics and chemistry at all or any science really but we have to do this it counts as a grade. I'm thinking botany would probably be one of the easiest things to do but I have absolutely no ideas! We're not allowed to use people and pets are also out of the question. Please try to not give me websites I've looked at many. It would be great if you have done a science fair in the past and let me know how it worked out for you and what you did and please go into detail like deep detail please. I am in 10th grade but my teacher said to look online for 11-12 grade science fair project ideas because the ones they have for 9-10 graders online often seem to be a bit too elementary??...Anyways I would really appreciate it if you could get back to me very soon-just keep in mind it should be kind of simple but it HAS to show how it has a POSITIVE IMPACT ON HUMANS. And I need these few good ideas before 2 days. Thank you!

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    Ok so i suck at science but im gonna give u for first 4 winning science fair projects from my school. These may not b great because these are all from 6th graders. Okay so the one that got 1st was about texting and driving. I have no clue how it was an experiment but she still got first for just findin information and reading it. The 2nd place one (mine!!) was whos mouth is cleaner, a dogs cats or humans but i wont explain since u cant test on animals or human. 3rd place was something about earthworms (im so sorry i dont remember) and 4th was about if a bird gets its feathers dipped in different things (oil,water,gatorade,gas..etc) how it effects their flying. And all she did eas put the stuff in metal pans and like feathers u could get in like hobby lobby. She did a really good job! I hope i helped a little bit!

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    Test different liquids like soda or water or whatever to see which ones pour fastest out of one bottle into another with a magnet at the end of the bottle, and which pour faster without a magnet. (Testing for magnetic ions in drinks)

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