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I want close my account?

I want to close my account

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    This Yahoo HELP link will help you to close your Yahoo email:

    Just so you know, this will not delete your Yahoo Answers account, just make it so you can’t access it. All your Q&A will remain on the site.

    Only the YA team can DELETE your account. Closing your EMAIL ID deactivates the YA account, but you also lose everything attached to that email account. After 4 months, the YA profile WILL disappear. But ALL Q&A from that profile are still visible & searchable on site. IN VOTING or RESOLVED Q&A remain the property of Yahoo. The safest thing to do is:

    First, click your avatar and:

    ► Delete open questions and answers to open questions

    ….(Others will remain on the site)

    ► Remove all Contacts

    Then click 'Edit My Preferences'. There:

    ► Blank out your avatar, nickname and 'About Me'.

    ► Close links to IM and/or email.

    ► Disallow fans.

    ► Set Network and Q&A to private.

    Back at your profile page, click "View Pulse".

    ► Click "Settings" (top right).

    ► Click "Manage Updates" and turn them OFF

    ► Click "Manage Privacy" and set it to HIDE

    Then just leave.

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    Try contacting them! If you cannot contact them, if they send you an email, either respond back to it or look on that email for contact information. If they are sending you things in the mail, then maybe even write back to them! But I would really try and contact them. If they are billing you automatically, then go to your credit card provider and cancel the automatic payments, the same can be done with paypal. Good Luck, hope this helps!

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    close my yahoo account

  • 8 years ago

    i can't close it

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    for what?

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