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Does/has anyone found out any more information about Paynter's ( the racehorse) health?

The last I heard (which was yesterday afternoon) Paynter was in really, really bad shape. He'd been diagnosed with Colitis X, which is an incredibly dangerous disease in horses, and was suspected of showing signs of laminitis. I would appreciate an update about his condition, if one can be found anywhere. Meanwhile, I think we should all say a little prayer that he survives this. I don't want to see him gone too, the way virtually every other 3 year old in this year's crop has disappeared. So if anyone here knows anything ( like Sandra, Karin, BJ, JSC, Laura R, Kaitin, and Zombie) please let me know. Thanks.


Thanks, BJ. I don't always have access to websites like this on my work computer. This colt is certainly a fighter, I will grant him that.

Update 2:

Thanks again, everyone- and Laura, if you hear anything else from your contact, can you please post it? I'm still keeping my fingers crossed... but I know only too well how long the odds are. But where there's life, there's hope.

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    Zayat tweeted this morning (7:47 am 08/30) that Paynter had a bad night. :-(

    A later tweet just before 9 a.m. said he was driving to NY to see him and that it was a 3-hour drive. He promised an update this afternoon, but so far (2:43 edt) has not posted one.


    According to an article in Thoroughbred Times that is mostly based on info from Justin Zayat (Ahmed Zayat's son), the next 24 hours will be crucial. He is still running a high fever and seems depressed. (He probably feels awful.) At the moment, they are concerned that the infection could spread to other organs. So far his feet are fine. His people are trying to keep his spirits up and encourage him to fight.

    From TT:

    "He has been an unbelievable patient," Justin Zayat, the racing and stallion manager for Zayat Stables, posted on his Twitter account on Thursday evening. "Full of class and very easy to work with. He looked sad to me and depressed. I can feel his body temp and how high it is. When I was touching him, his head was low down. Totally heartbreaking. I can see Benjamin [Zayat, Justin's brother] totally tearing and trying to hold back his tears. He is a brave and class horse, but he is not the Paynter I know.

    "He still has a high fever and diarrhea. On the positive side, his feet are perfect, no discomfort at all. He is in critical condition. The next 24 hours are crucial. He needs to fight. I hope we gave him the love and care and encouragement to do that. With all your good wishes and prayers we will pull through that."

    Justin Zayat added that Paynter has lost around 100 pounds since Monday and that his appetite has been "horrible." He said that Dr. Laura Javsicas, the veterinarian at Upstate Equine who has been caring for the colt, was encouraged that Paynter ate grass from Benjamin Zayat's hand during the visit and showed some interest in his hay rack.

    "Dr. Laura was very happy since it was his first time eating hay since Monday," Justin Zayat wrote. "She had been trying to give him treats he didn't want. So I guess that is kind of positive.

    "Our main concern is that his white blood cells (need to) go up so the infection and bacteria that are now in his colon and intestines don't travel through his bloodstream and infect other organs. And his body becomes septic. If that happens that is the end of it. So again, next 24 hours are critical that this nightmare scenario doesn't happen."

    Full article:


    Edit 08-31 A Zayat tweeted just before 5 a.m. that Paynter's white cell count is up to 9000 (9X what it was) and his appetite is improving. Good news--he is fighting.

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  • 8 years ago

    There is some optimism, but these things can change dramatically in a few hours -- //// you have to hope that this 3yo season will not become a trend -- it's bad enough when at least half the KD field gets chewed up chasing a starting spot and falls off the table soon after being field fillers in the big race.

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  • 8 years ago

    just as BJ said, improving, but still not out of the woods.

    poor Paynter. the odds are against him.

    but like you said hes a fighter, & i hope he pulls through.!

    edit :

    i just read on Zayat's twitter, & if he has sepsis & the infection has spread, thats the end.

    the next 24 hours are crucial.

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  • 8 years ago

    Improving,but still critical:

    Read full Story:

    UPDATE:Paynter showing signs of improvement

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  • 8 years ago

    on twitter, the ny racing reporters are on top of it.

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  • 8 years ago

    OMG, it sounds horrible...poor thing!

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