Shore Excursions St. Maarten & St.Thomas?

I'm going on a cruise (Oasis of the Seas) in a few weeks and I wanted to know what are the best shore excursions to do in St. Maarten and St. Thomas. Additionally, I would like to know how much cheaper it would be to book once I get there rather than booking through the cruise line.

Thanks in advance for great answers!

P.S I'm not interested in getting into the water (snorkeling or diving)

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    In St Martin the best and exciting thing to do is go to Maho Beach (also called the airport beach) because it is right at the end of the island's international airport. There you can enjoy a small beach but have a great time watching planes take off, blowing people off the beach into the water, and landing just about 30 feet overhead. Take a look at the Youtubes of that beach:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    You don't need a tour to get to Maho Beach, just get a taxi for about $8 per person each way. There are facilities at the beach and taxi's to take you back to the ship about any time.

    In St Thomas get a taxi at the pier and go to Sapphire Beach. It's less crowded than Megan's Bay beach. The taxi tare will be about $10 per person each way.

    But do NOT miss Maho beach, it's nice.

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  • Erika
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    4 years ago

    You do not say how many hours you will be in St Maarten. I don't know about 4-wheelers but i will recommend Para-crusing. Call Aqua Mania Adventures 544-2640 while you get there. Take the project, racing aboard an actual American's cup 12 meter race boat. No expertise needed. Call St Maarten 12 metre undertaking at 542-0045 i don't think you could scuba dive in case your no longer licensed. Many cruise passengers take a cab head to Orient seashore the place that you may snorkel and benefit from the seashore. There's a ton of eating places and bars on this beach. However watch out this can be a apparel not obligatory seaside. If this will hassle you skip it and go to Mullet seashore and snorkel. Have enjoyable. St Maarten is a pleasant island to discuss with. You will have a blast. If all else fails go browsing. It can be all duty free.

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  • jenna
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    8 years ago

    the best part of St. Thomas is Megan's Bay beach, seriously just take a $10 cab there for the day!

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