best seven string guitar for under 500 dollars?

I am looking for a good seven string guitar I can get fairly cheap, my budget is 500 dollars. things I'm looking for:

rosewood or ebony fretboard

Floyd rose tremolo

high output pickups (if you can recommend a good guitar is less than 400 ill just buy new pickups)

Please NO ibanez guitars, I hate their necks, too thin.

I will be using this guitar to play metal. and I need something that is good enough to withstand gigging and fairly rough play hahaha


if there arent any under 500 dollars, then what is the closest to my budget range?

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  • 7 years ago
    Best Answer

    well the closest thing i can find with those specs and price range is the Ibanez RG7320

  • 4 years ago

    what do you consider a cool design, OLP made a Musicman Stingray copy for around $400 actually a subsidiary of Ernie Ball/Musicman, kind of like Gibson/Epiphone, Fender/Squire, but I heard there biting the dust so you better get one while you still can, or you'll have to buy a real Stingray and you wont touch one of those for anywhere close to $500

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