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How do I know if he likes me? How can I let him know I like him?

O.K. So it's the beginning of the year and this kid (lets call him skittles-that's me and my friend's nickname for him so we can talk about things that have happened) So skittles is in my HR, IE, Lunch table, choir class, and science class. He sits in front of me in IE and HR and he turns around and talks to me a lot, I don't think he's a big flirt or talks to girls as much as he does me- to my knowledge. We both sit on the end of our rows in choir so we are pretty much sitting next to each other then. In choir he always makes funny faces at me (not like confused, like to get me to laugh) and I laugh at them and he wrote his name on a piece of paper in my binder. Today he was trying to stick tape on my shirt and I was trying to stick it on his nose. I talk to him and joke with him ATON more than I do other guys. My friend who at the time didn't know I liked Skittles told me in choir "Your being really friendly with -his name- I think he likes you!" I then told her about my crush and stuff and shes like ohhhhh thats skittles. I also like catch his eye alot when I look around the room and we mouth stuff to each other. He's not going out of his way or anything to sit by me at our lunch table or like walk by me in line like i've seen some guys do with girls at my school. Do you think he likes me?? Hes also on the football team- ow ow- and asked me if I was coming to the game today (I couldn't :(( so sad). How do I ask for his number either not so obvious or like in a creative way or should I just come out and ask him? If so how do I word it??? Do you think he likes me? Also today he came back from the orthodontist and the nurse accidently riped his bracets off. So on his top teeth he only has braces on half of his mouth (like split by his two front teeth) and he wouldn't show me or tell me why he wouldn't talk I had to ask his friends what happened then It took me all day to get his to show me his teeth-and he is still sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute trust me! But I was the only one he wouldn't show! Right now i'm taking that as a good thing, but do you think he likes me? Also how can I show him I like him and ask for his number?

BTW the whole ask for help with HW thing or meeting up isn't gonna fly people in my grade don't do that unless your already dating (I know we are weird). Thanks Luv yalll! Answer ASAP!


And BTW we are in middle school (7th) so nothing to obvious or desperate and i've only known him since first day of school which was 1 1/2 ago.

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    Awwww. It sounds so sweet. Ok here is my advice. Live in the moment. It seems like he is into you. So just tell him. Write him a love note (cheesy I know, but it works), tell him how you feel in the note. And put it in his backpack/locker. Try to keep the note light-hearted not intensely romantic. That scares guys off. Dress your best the day you sneak him the note and keep a smile on your face. You never know what happens tomorrow. Snatch him before another girl does.

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    it seems to me that he likes you. if not romantically, then he likes you more than he'd like the average girl (which is also a good thing) i say just express your feelings to him- tell him that you like him. go from there. good luck! (:

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