What is the BEST free FPS game on pc 2012?

And BTW can my PC run it?:

CPU: Intel Pentium D 925 3.00GHz

GPU: ATI Radoen HD5450 1GB DDR3


DirectX 11 and Windows 7 Ultimate.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Your computer is a pretty average build so you shouldn't have too much trouble running many of the free-to-play games out there, including all of the ones listed below.


    Team Fortress 2 - one of the most robust out there given its long history as a paid game. Little to low pressure to pay for micro-transactions.

    Blacklight: Retribution - hailed for polished gameplay mixing the most popular FPS franchises today and offering it for free. Medium to high pressure to pay for micro-transactions.

    Combat Arms - classic free-to-play that is somewhat modeled like Counter Strike and offers several layers of gameplay due to years of development. High pressure to pay for micro-transactions.

    Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A.) - strong FPS mixing Counter Strike and Call of Duty gameplay with several game modes. Medium to high pressure to pay for micro-transactions.

    Battlefield Play4Free - somewhat poorly executed gameplay based off of Battlefield 2 but suffers from awkward gameplay and limitations from levelling and micro-transactions. High pressure to pay for micro-transactions.

    Tribes: Ascend - an innovative twitch shooter that combines smooth movement and unique weapons traditional to twitch shooters. Little to low pressure to pay for micro-transactions.


    Indeed there are many free-to-play FPS games, though the ones I listed are SPECIFICALLY first person and are relatively popular. Also, keep your eyes on these games:


    Planetside 2 - an upcoming FPS often directly favored over Battlefield 3 for offering massive maps and vehicular warfare. The beta is currently live and should be a top priority if you're looking for a free shooter comparable to the triple-A titles out today.

    Warface - a Russian FPS developed by Crytek that utilizes Battlefield Bad Company-styled gameplay. Though a quality game, you will need to work to play it if you do not live in Russia.

    Global Agenda - class-based third person shooter (TPS) combining Team Fortress 2-like gameplay with classic MMO infrastructure

    All Points Bulletin: Reloaded - a Grand Theft Auto-esque TPS that pits you against other players in a variety of game modes on large maps


    Good luck finding a game you like! I will personally suggest you try Blacklight: Retribution, Tribes: Ascend, and Planetside 2 (if you snag a beta key) first. I feel they are the epitome of a great F2P FPS by having solid gameplay and balancing the difficult issue of micro-transactions.

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  • 8 years ago

    In my opinion team fortress 2

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  • 8 years ago

    Team Fortress 2


    League of Legends


    and yes, you can run both of them.

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  • Kim
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    4 years ago

    counter strike

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