how to set up SSH with Verizon DSL modem/router?

Hello, everyone. I would like to use my home computer from office by SSH? Does anyone know how to set port forwarding? How to test the port 22 opened? Thanks a lot for any hint.

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  • Adrian
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    9 years ago
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    Basically, you port forward port 22 to the PC at a static LAN IP (home network)

    You then need to make sure that the SSH server is running on the PC, to accept any SSH requests. In most cases (Linux), it should work. If this is some form of Windows SSH, then you need to open any firewall ports as well. Then check that the SSH service is running for Windows.

    Windows is not common for SSH, so lets assume this is Linux. Just the port forwarding should do, and check the Linux SSH to make sure it allows outside connections (usually it does, but can be turned off I believe...)

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