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Do you still buy disc copies of games, or do you download them Xbox Live or Playstation Network?

I still buy copies, and think downloading them is retarded. Sure, it saves you a trip to the store, and it runs slightly better. But I'd much rather have a physical copy. You can't trade downloaded games in as credit for new games, and they chew up a huge chunk of memory. I will never, ever opt for downloading games in favor of owning the disc. How about you?

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    I buy

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    I mostly buy physical copies of the games. Like you said, downloaded games take up more space than their disc counterparts because they have to store all the data on the system and not just some of it. The only time I downloaded a game that I could just get on a disc was once. On PSN, they had a one week sale for Borderlands. The game and all 4 DLCs for just 20 dollars. So, I only download games if their is a certain condition such as a huge price drop or included content that you can't get in a regular copy.

  • Rizer
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    For consoles, I always buy copies. I only download games which are only available on PSN/XBL or classics I lost a long time ago.

    PC, almost always buy through digital download.

    "You can't trade downloaded games in as credit for new games, and they chew up a huge chunk of memory."

    I never trade in games - Ever. Even when I was little, I still have all those games I purchased. So this is of no concern to me.

    And unlike consoles, I can have virtually unlimited storage space on my PC. Not that I ever end up having all my 100+ Steam games installed at the same time, but memory issues are of no problem in this regard.

    It seems to me like current console tech isn't exactly ready for digital downloads to be on-par as they are with PC. But I wouldn't be surprised if the next-gen of consoles to feature much better digital download support.

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  • NyuXan
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    Usually I download games from the PSN if they're under $20. But I usually get disc copies.

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    I will always buy physical copies of things except for music. I much prefer having a disc in my possession, and not on a hard-drive where they could accidentally get deleted.

  • Anonymous
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    I download off the xbox marketplace because its easier and its less of a hassle when your switching between games. Also it doesnt take up that much memory. Also you dont have to worry about the cd breaking or getting scratched.

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    I buy my games still and then trade them with other people on

    its a new site, kinda like craigslist, but just for video games. it is starting to take off in my city.

    Downloading doesn't allow me to do that, so I don't bother.

  • 7 years ago

    physical copies. downloads takes too much space on the hard drive.

    my 60 gb is pretty much full thanks to metal gear solid 4. the 20 gb 360 still has space, but that's just from not installing games.

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    i prefer downloading games because they work alot faster and they aren't that big (around 8 gb usually) and if i ever do run out of memory i just delete them, and when i feel like playing them again then i download them again for free :)

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  • Ike
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    7 years ago

    buy copies

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