switching SIM cards between cell carriers?

My question is: is it possible to switch SIM cards between two different cell phones that are backed by two different service carriers? Will the phone with the active (switched) SIM card still work?

Last week I just purchased a new phone, a Sony Xperia Ion. I really like this phone and I planned on continuing to use it for as long as it lasted. Unfortunately, my family neglected to tell me before I bought a new phone that we're switching from AT&T to Verizon, and all of us are getting new phones. I was angry at the fact that I'd have to get ANOTHER phone, but I figured that Verizon would carry the Ion and I could just swap them. They don't carry it. So here I am, 200 dollars later, with a phone that I really like but can't keep, and no way to get even a similar one. Is it possible for me to purchase a different phone from Verizon with an active SIM card and switch it into my current phone? Will my phone still work?

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    Switching Sim Cards Between Phones

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    Verizon does not use sim cards, they are cdma technology. I would just go with Straight talk, buy a sim card from them, put it in your phone and use the phone for $45 unlimited everything except you need to be on wifi if you stream or youtube.

    You can do that with NET10 also but I like Straight Talk better.

    Check it out. www.straighttalk.com Check the byod or byop bring your own device or phone plan. See if your phone is supported. Caution though they do not have the best customer service.

    Or else you can just stay on an individual plan yourself, or do an AT&T Gophone plan with a data package. That'll run you $50 a month for unlimited talk, text and then you can pick a data package.

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    Yes, as long as both phones use a SIM card, you can move the card back and forth at will. However, to get internet, you need a data plan from the carrier. As long as your account has a data plan, the SIM card will allow each phone to access it.

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  • 7 years ago

    it will not work in your situation

    the Sony Xperia Ion is a GSM only device

    Verizon is a CDMA network, and only uses SIM cards on the new LTE devices

    you can't install a Verizon CMDA LTE SIM card in a GSM phone and expect it to work.

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    lol i wonder the same thing

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