How to build more muscle?

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im 5'10 160 14 years old i wanna get bigger in muscle wise like my chest and arms and get rid of some of my belly fat and do i need to gain more weight i wanna be a linebacker more

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  • answered 2 years ago
    you need to weight train each muscle once a week
    40-60 mins a session
    train heavy
    reps of 4-6, 6-9
    do 3 heavy sets per each exercise

    an work hard

    have 1 gram of protein for each pound u weigh
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  • answered 2 years ago
    You are still growing, but that doesn't mean you can't start building a linebacker body by the time you are finished with natural body development.
    You should definitely start a proper diet:
    5 to 6 small meals with 60% carbohydrates, 30% protein, 10% fat, each day.
    Sample meal:
    6 oz. chicken breast
    2 cups cooked rice
    1 small apple
    2 tablespoons peanut butter

    For weight training, work each body part once per week
    Use moderately heavy weight
    Sample routine:
    Day one: LEGS
    Leg press: 3x10
    Leg curls: 3x10
    Standing calf raise: 3x10
    Day two: CHEST
    Bench press: 3x8
    Incline Bench press: 3x10
    Incline dumbbell flies: 3x8
    Day three: BACK
    Wide grip pull downs with cable: 3x8
    Close grip pull downs with cable: 3x8
    Seated rows, close grip: 3x10
    Day four: SHOULDERS
    Seated dumbbell press: 3x8
    Standing side lateral raises: 3x8
    Rear lateral raises: 3x8
    Day five: ARMS
    Dips: 3 to failure
    Standing tricep press downs: 3x10
    Standing barbell curls: 3x10
    Seated dumbbell curls: 3x10

    Note: Go on youtube and look up each exercise I have mentioned to see how it is performed if you are unsure of what each one is.
    I promise you will see results in about a month if you STICK WITH IT!
    Believe me, people will notice it before you do.
    Good luck, I was in your shoes when I was your age. I thought I would never gain weight. Boy, was I wrong!


    25 years Powerlifting experience
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  • answered 2 years ago
    - Eat fruit & Veg / 5 a Day
    - Gym (preferably lifting weights)
    - keep doing that :D
    - jogging each morning :D
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  • answered 2 years ago
    You need to lift more weight and eat healthy, possibly adding more protein to your diet.

    Eggs for breakfast, chicken, fish, pork etc. for lunch . dinner. If you snack, eat cashews (high protein).

    Drop all junk food. Workout a lot.
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